MBer making friends with the local police.

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  1. Erie, PA. where I live is not a big city. I am endeavoring to make friends with every cop I meet while riding my bike. I am not trying to be conspicuous, nor am I attempting to fly below the radar. I smile and wave, or at least nod as they pass me going the opposite direction.

    Some things I do to get on their better side;

    I always ride responsibly, obeying all traffic laws to the best of my ability. I stop for stop signs, red lights, and stay off the sidewalks. I always ride in bike lanes if available, and I ride with traffic in the far right lane. I use bike paths as much as possible, but slow in the vicinity of walkers, runners, and pedal bikers. I use hand signals.

    I stop and talk with them whenever convenient. I was going into a grocery store where 2 cops were standing outside, I chatted them up and one asked questions about the bike. I was friendly and explained all about the bike. 5 minutes of chat earned me year's worth of good will.

    I kid and joke with them. Whenever I am stopped next to a cop car or a motorcycle cop I always ask if they want to race, saying it with a big grin. It always cracks them up and earns more good will as I laugh and say, "You win." before the light even changes. I ride as fast as the speed zones allow, even in 15 MPH school zones.

    All I'm saying is I've never been stopped or hassled about the bike and the reason is most of them know me and understand I'm not their enemy. If you establish a good rapport with the police you likely won't be bothered by them and they might even overlook a minor infraction or two. Be a responsible motor biker.
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    Right on Brother.
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    Yup, you're absolutely right. Good PR is good "business".

    It makes things more pleasant as well.
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    that's good stuff shared and done on your part

    being polite on the road is a good THING

    have fun -- from - MM
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    They ain't there to be your friend, believe me Brother! You have to remember, we are supposed to be Brothers! That's why I'm putting this blunt.

    Not all are bad guy's at all, I've got a few good friends... (good to ask for if your in trouble)!

    When your out of Kannsas Totto, (they don't know you), they've got 1 job to do. That job is to justify their $1200+ per week pay check! Although I've got friends here, that motor gets shut down the second I see one, more out of respect. But it only takes one good chewing from the chief (the book is low), see how friendly they are, protecting their $60,000 a year job! Can't really blame them... That's why I keep as low of profile as possible!
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    I dunno, machiasmort. Local police are notoriously low-paid. (Last I knew, for instance, the police in my village started at $18,000) For that matter, I consider them to be friends in the sense that they are the "front line soldiers" in the war of the civilized against the uncivilized. I'd like to see them paid better.

    I imagine some state police with a lot of seniority might be in the $60,000 range. But they're probably the least likely ones to be concerned with a motor on a bike.
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    I ride Erie

    I am surprised myself that i haven't been stoped yet.
    I live in erie pa and ride across town every day to ge.
    I have passed several cops and they don't bother me.
    I will shut my motor off and peddel by if i see them soon enough.
    Otherwise i take it easy and keep riding.

    One day it was odd but ...
    normally i ride home around the same time.
    I pulled out of ge and took my normal route.
    At the very first stop sign i come to there is a Bicycle cop like waiting for me.
    I came around the corner pretty quick , had her revved up.
    Stopped at the stop sign. He stood across the street on his bike and watched me.
    Surely he got a good look.
    I was a little nervous especially when i came across a regular cruiser a couple of blocks from there.
    Amnd even mor nervous when another cruiser was a couple more blocks away.

    They we surly checking me out.
    My bike looks like a motorcycle practically.
    I guess as long as the see the pedals working there happy.

    We should catch up sometime id like to see your bike.

  8. My bikes are in the gallery here, Rich. You should post photos of your bike by making an album. Unlike some sites, posting photos on here is easy. There was an arrest and trial of a motorbiker in Erie. I don't care for the bike shop Wheels, who mounted the Staton engine kit on the arrested MBer's bike, but they stood up for the MBer in court and the arrest was thrown out. The police here know that and will leave you alone unless you break some law concerning bicycle use. Pennsylvania law considers our motorized bikes to be "assisted bicycles". They must be built from a bicycle with no VIN, unlike a moped, which has a VIN and a safety certificate from the manufacturer. They must be 50cc or less and be capable of being pedaled. The operator must have a valid driver's license. They may use any designated bicycle path/route and must follow all laws and regulations pertaining to bicycles. You are safe from the police if you use your MB in a safe manner consistant with the law. Don't sweat it or turn off your engine, ride loud and proud, just not toooooo loud. :)
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    the local cops (sheriff joe's boys) dont like me (azvinnie and I beat them in court)
    but... I have made friends with the mayor and a disabled councilman (they both love my bike :))
    AZ state law makes me legal, and having local govt on my side hopefully means that any attempt to change local codes should get at least 2 votes against :)
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    Back to the idea of paying police more money...

    I'm in favor of a fair days work for a fair days pay. The notion that these guy's do a dangerous job is hogwash and should be dismissed! The Cop signed up for the job and knew what to expect, Period!

    I don't know of any Cop making less than $16.00 p/hr. (anywhere in the States) and that equals $33,000.00 a year, not including court time!

    The problem w/paying police more than this is that they develope an I'm better than you attitude. They are less likely to disobey a Comanding officer although common sense tells them too. Money equals corruption and one only needs to look at politics to prove that!

    As for the Cop who dies, I feel bad whenever anybody does. Just because a bank robber shot him, don't make him a HERO! His JOB was to get shot at by the bank robber if necessary to catch him! Being a Cop should be like anyother job.

    One thing that really frosts me is when I hear Police reffer to us as "Civillians" or "Actors", we ain't in a movie, this is real life and they ain't a Federal employee (military). There's a big chip that needs to be removed from some shoulders out there. The big salary contributes to it.
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    Ride Free Erie Pa

    :grin5:That is great news.

    I ride past and on state street every day.
    The cops must be just checking me out.
    Went past 2 today on lunch again.

    Now i won't worry anymore.
    So it seems like the 1979 law is the best to follow.

    I will ride proud an loud.

    I'll try to get some pictures in tonight.

    We should have a Bike Rally For MOTORIZED BIKES.

    All get together and ride free.

    So anyone have troubles from Milcreek or Larwence Park or wesleyville?

    We have to get together.

    see ya

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    There's alot of you guy's in Erie. If you put something together, I'm 100 miles away, PM me!
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    As a matter of fact, I would go so far as too say, One of the biggest problems with todays society stems from the fact that intellegent people like you and I, pay other people to Nanny sit us from behind the wheel of a patrol car.

    Donned w/badge and gun, these people are better and smarter than the guy who had a few drinks although the guy he just pulled over, might be working on the newest PV cell the World has seen in his garrage.

    Although the retard hanging the paper can't even spell photovoltaic correctly or even make sense of it's priciples, ask any Judge and the retards 2yr degree will trump your lifes work. Even worse, will withold your knowledge from society.

    Have a few beers and drive your car these days. See if they treat you like the intellegent human you are or if you get treated like you just killed somebody.

    It's not necessarily the cop's I'm upset with, it's the Federal Govn'ts cash cow. How many females do you see in the DWI Commercials they like to air while MAD sits home finger blasting over the excitment they've created?

    Mother's Against Drunk Dad's needs to get kicked off of welfare and made to work! Maybe they'll have reason to create the next Solar Cell themselves to curb their insationable appetite to lay on their back and not work, while collecting the fruits of the labor of others!
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    Cops in Oz

    Things have changed in Oz in the last 20 years or so..When I WAS in the job some 38 years ago, as a young guy, police were allowed to put their boot in the tail of a young offender and send him home. These days the police attend University and there is no course called "Butt boot and send him home". They caution for minor, anti social offences and usually offer some mentoring by a delegated officer to get the kid early before his behaviours become criminal. However, some (or most) kids today, through their exposure to violence on TV and in computer games, have become thugs who stand over their peers and anyone else who they think are different to them. Thievery is rife, and if its not locked down, then its theirs to take. They have no respect for their parents, their teachers or anyone in authority and usually, with a mouth full of abuse, think they can do what they like, and they do. The good kids are becoming a minority as its not cool to be one who sticks by the rules of society or home. Police are really limited in what action they can take against juveniles and this gives the punks free range with no fear of prosecution or penalty from courts or their parents..

    "Scenario"..Youth robs granny of pension and steals her bike..."Description"..Baseball cap, hoodie , dark oversized track pants, obscene language, feels entitled to to do or take what he wants. Drive around the block and everyone looks the same, theyre all giving you the finger and nobody done it...

    Still, after closing times at the bars and clubs, most of the adults are doing the same thing. Punching someone out because they looked at you seems to be the norm. I prefer to sit it out at home with some buddies and have a good time talking froth and looking through my "beer goggles" (which makes everything look good)..We dont argue or brawl, we respect each other and the ladies who are there, and of course try to give our kids some direction, and even though our conversations are blurred at times they have the thread of looking after each other and having respect. Kids take notice of us having friends who respect each other and as usual try to mimic the oldies in some way. Funny how kids remember everything and are always able to repeat the content of the conversations the next day, to remind us who occasionally forget the "deep and meaningfuls" of the night before..

    Most young cops these days want to be crime fighters not bouncers and if given some respect if they pull you over, usually just admire the ride and ask how it handles. Mind you there are still some red knuckle hard heads amongst them but they are a minority in most cases. No doubt their sons are probably in the same garb as the thug down the road so being a cop doesnt mean you have the power to arrest your own..they could still have you up for assault if you lift your boot to their tail and send them to their room.

    What to do?..Set an example, especially for your own crew and accept that the world has changed and will never be the same as it was when we used to play in our own back yard playing "Knights" with garbage tin lids and sticks.
    Still, lets be positive and show our own and others that we meet that we arent done yet, and we do give the good kids some kudos for standing up and being themselves without cloning themselves to the "Fiddy cent" or "fiddy percent" (half a man) guy down the road....I have hope, but feel that the way things are today, if my son offered to carry a grannies groceries she still may think he might steal them as others would..Its not the cops, its not the kids, its not the parents and its definitely not the grannies..its the world today...and we all live here..lets all respect each other as a good starting point.
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    I took the Police exam and failed.

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    Hey Mach..Youre lucky then..In the old Woodstock days most police were looking for people smoking dope, and it was usually the only crime most teenagers committed. Today the town after dark is a dangerous place to be and police are now dealing with stabbings and brawls, thefts for a phones or shoes, or young guys off their chops on who knows what. The pay was never good and still isnt considering the risk factors and the aggression in some people these days over trivial incidents. You cant even drink beer out of a glass after certain times because fools turn them into projectiles. In my days nights out at the pub were a fun thing with all the buddies, now if youre walking home after a few youre a target for the local thugs to push, shove, or assault.
    I now work in a mental health Crisis Team and as a Police Liiason officer. There are lots of young guys and girls now who have over experimented with the usual products but have grown a serious psychosis because of it. Mad yes..bad maybe...but definitely arent going to be able to work or get some stability in their life. Their neuro-transmitters dont fire in the right sequence and so they blow fuses and eventually forget why they are really here on the planet.
    I always try to be courteous and co-operative with most people, including the police and it nearly always gets you a good result,,like I said let them admire the bike not confiscate it. Show them some respect because withoiut these guys the thugs will rule and we might as well chain everything down and stay indoors with the doors barricaded in case we have a home invasion to steal socks, shoes or phones. Where Mr Eastwood when you need him.
    Anyway enough of the negatives, lets look at all the good people that are still intact and always put their hand up to help others when they are in need. They do actually outnumber the bad guys but theyre at home having a few quite ones and looking after their family and buddies.
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    You are correct in some ways. I'm the first to stop and help somebody. I've never passed an injured person by. Power gives way to corruption, unfortunately, some Cops are bigger thugs than the real thugs!

    If you believe the story, personaly I do, it was the Roman police who nailed Christ to the cross. Latter it was the Catholic Church who would sexually torcher people! Good and bad in all walks.

    I just have a problem w/MADD and enforcement of laws that Cops themselves break. There are some Cop's who really hate writting DUI's because they understand... There are alot of rookies out there that like to write them to impress the boss before they get out and go to the bar...
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    Its Human Nature

    People act like people....most of the time...us inlcuded..?
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