MBs a "chick magnet"?


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Mar 26, 2008
St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA
The other day I had a funny thing happen to me: I was riding down the street and stopped at a stoplight when a female cyclist came up beside me, asking the usual Q's like "Hey, did you build that yourself?," "How fast does it go?," etc.

I answered her questions and said how much fun I was having with it when she said something like "Yeah, it must be a real chick magnet." As far as I could tell, she wasn't being sarcastic, but I found myself saying, "I don't know about that..."

I would think that maybe a Harley or a crotch-rocket or a Corvette would be a "chick magnet" but not an MB (unless maybe she was a hippie/granola-type gal). Anyways, I just thought it was funny--comments...?
Chicks like them cos their cute.....guys like them cos their practical.........cute or practical their a heck of a lot of fun.
You must be married 'cause a single horny guy would have asked where's she riding, and would she like company, or just get a coffee....................oh heck,..................................You blew it !!!!!:rolleyes::LOL:

Don't take this too seriously. I'm just kiddin' with you. :D:

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Dunno about the chicks but these things attract dogs Ill tell ya. Dont ride near anyone walking their dogs unless your health insurance is in order. I dont know if its the sound or what but dogs go nuts riding in the hood or on a trail and the suckers want to bite the tires and eat your leg for lunch. Steel toed boots are awaiting the next cute lil dog that thinks Im its lunch.
Every time I come back for a ride my dogs be sniffing on my tires then they be peeing on them. Every morning I have a new tire stain. I mean what up with that?
I think the higher quality the bike the chick magneter it is.
Like MOOP looks junker. But Cronus looks classy.
I do get some thumbs up from the ladies on Cronus.
It probably depends on the bike build. My old mtb conversion would only make Red Green proud and would scare everyone else off. Especially the fairer sex. Women in my age group would probably sick their fluffy lap dogs on me.
Haha.... right...I wouldn't say a chick magnet, because you can't exactly pick one up on the bike. Unless you have some pegs on your wheels LOL.
I've even had some interest myself from some of the girls round the town... I think its the novelty factor of it and also, if the bike is well built some will appreciate the skill behind it.

Im not complaining at all :oops: I love the attention, just wish that most of the ones that showed an interest werent somewhere about the age of 16. Pretty but I have this thing about cradle-snatching...

And yeah... the girl you were chatting to was probably looking for a little bit more than a faceful of chengine exhaust - I've found a coffee (with a shot of whiskey) works wonders....

Jemma xx
My experiences have been that women are by far much more appreciative of motorised bicycles than men, especially if coming across a couple and having a chat, be it at a popular cycling pit stop or stopping on a trail to check the bike for a typical 137 point log book inspection (generally taking about an hour).

Men seem to view it as competition between themselves and their girl and want to move on quickly, especially if their girl shows interest in the bike, which most do, asking typical questions.
Some men view it as a serious challenge to their emotional state, particularly those men who have spent ridiculous amount of money on a high end mountain bike - they refuse to even accept that there is more than one way of doing things, with the view that it's outright cheating - it just kills them when you ride past and have an ear to ear smile on your face whilst they are struggling their guts out on a serious hill.

Over and over on rides it's women who have a big smile on their faces when seeing my bike, yet men rarely show a smile or say G'day.

The reaction between men and women still surprises me to this day.
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