MB's and Blue's, any fans out there?

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    The Blue's had a baby and they named it rock -n- roll!
    I started this thread so that people would have a chance to share some great music that's out there and maybe even realize that there's more to rock -n- roll than meets the eye.

    Please do post your Blues and also inspired rock. Be sure to take a listen to some of the stuff I post here! There might be that one you never knew about? Please no death metal rap country ect.

    AC/DC Ride on
    Rush Here again (Live)
    Waitin for the bus, Jesus done left chicago zz-top (live)

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    Now for some serious blues.

    Buddy Guy is one of my favorites. At an early age, he was discovered by Junior Wells and taken under wing. In tribute to Ole Muddy, Guy, hit this song in absolute perfection (Live)! Check out the look on his face when he's done playin! The first minute is an interview, suffer through and you won't believe what you hear!

    Can't be satisfied - Buddy Guy tribute to Muddy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVI6DUb_X3E
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    When the Lovin' Spoonful were in a "bluesy" mood they rated pretty highly.

    Filter the other styles out of their discography (though those songs are anything but bad) and you'd have a good blues album, plus.

    Much the same thing could be said about the Detroit Wheels.
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    I can't believe I've never heard of Buddy Guy before... great voice, soul, & performer. Amazing.

    That Rush song is one I've definitely never heard before either.

    Here's my contribution... JJ Grey & Mofro - Turpentine.

    EVERYTHING off that album, Country Ghetto, is pretty dern good. I highly recommend you DL it ASAP... here

    Here's a pretty neat JJ Grey & Mofro video I stumbled across... Harmonica Jam.
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    Sparky, good posts, I especially like the Harmonica jam and how he turnned the mic over to one in the crowd... I was at a James Cotton concert and he brought a little kid up on his lap and although a little kid, he mesmerized the crowd. He was wail'in the blues like he'd been playin 50yrs!

    Sorry but I won't use file sharring programs on this thing! Security reasons!

    WHAT,? Never heard of Buddy Guy??? Le'me see what I can dredge up?

    Here's one that if you could find w/junior wells also, will blow your mind. This man was a great mentor of Henderix for a reason! He was younger here, Guy's must be late 70's now? About 4min into this he breaks into:
    "the things I used to do" Buddy Guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkPAk8MAlFQ
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    Fine example of big Govn't at work!
    This thread is not in the Combustion Chamber so thats probably as far as we're allowed to go here, but I had to post this for you guy's! Man this kid could play. Watch the story and then listen to the other link I've provided for him jamming w/Buddy Guy! Look at the expressions on Guy's face!

    Fine work your doing there Mr. Guy! Get that poor kid in trouble!

    While the kids talent can't be ignored even by the likes of Mr. Guy, sure was nice of him to get the kid some airtime!
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    I don't think that's the same kid... but the one with Buddy Guy is definitely worth a bookmark to me.
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    Sparky, you're right. Not the same kid... Where the heck are the commin from??? Man, I could try for 20yrs and that guitar would still be the most expensive canoe paddle ever sold in my hands!
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    Will the circle be unbroken - Loretta Lyn
    Where bluegrass, blues and gospel meet, something good happens!

    I only keep postin these because I see more and more people look, I'd like to believe they are hooked on what they are hearing but nobody is rating the thread or posting???

    Should I keep it up?

    Now if you like the Song, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLD85G2jr-o
    Nitty gritty dirt band did a great version (more bluegrass) but not as blues influenced as Loretta's
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    Great stuff fellas !

    I have stood in front of Johnny Winter at 4 concerts. Right up front.

    One time we went behind the band and I could see the peoples faces.

    The peoples faces looked like they were in shock !







    I saw the Muddy Waters, Clapton show too.

    The concert started and jammed like crazy then about 15 mins later while they were jamming Muddy Waters walked on stage.

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    the turtle likes the blues
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    Here's some more G Love... The more I listen to him, the more I think he might be my #1 or #2 favorite musical artist. He's as REAL as it gets. You don't always hear the Blues origin, and sometimes when he mixes with the "island man" Jack Johnson, you hear some salsa thing. Always a unique sound. Amazing stuff!!

    - Intro to G-Love
    - "Blues Music"
    - "Cold Beverage"
    - "Baby's Got Sauce"; my first G Love song :grin5:
    - "Holiday" Remix
    - "Rodeo Clowns" Live Version
    - "Rodeo Clowns" Album Version; compared to the other one, this sounds way more "Poppy"
    - "Steppin' Stones"
    - "Gimme Some Lovin'"
    - "Beautiful"
    - "Booty Call"; this is the only song I hadn't heard besides the Holiday remix. NICE!
    - "Who's Got The Weed?"

    EDIT: Here's "Beautiful" again without the chick. You can hear his Blues slip out at about 1:17 & the end of the song.
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