MDI Air Car



Has anybody seen the article on the MDI Air Car in the latest Popular Mechanics? It seems too incredible to be true. The vehicle is supposed to run at close to 70 mph and have a range of 125 miles on one fill up of compressed air ( tank pressure is somewhere over 4000 PSI). Supposedly, a fill up will only cost two bucks. If it's for real, my motorized bicycle will be available for sale as soon as the India based company decides to export some to North America. Personally, I think it's an impossibility considering the huge quantities of air required just to run an impact wrench or air sander......but maybe I'm wrong. Anybody have an opinion on it?



Boy oh boy, I didn't see that one coming. Hope it works out.
For warehouse enviroments it would do very well because they are so close to the fill tanks.

Thanks for posting this. :cool: