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    one of my obsessed favourites is building motorized bikes/bicycles and up to my third in a year...I usually start with rebuilding the MTB or even respraying it if needed! I have a allot of information about this subject, especially rebuilding the clutch-assembly. The biggest probs with these is ordinary steel used in there making causing everything to bend or move-out-of-place and adjustments should be done in-reverse until no slippage or sticky-clutch.

    3turncarby. Mine has been blinged-out with atv-tank 3.2-litres...chromed side-engine panels-cheap kit 66cc/70cc, engine sprayed red and the blackhawk frame will be upgraded to chromolly-shogun frame. Been on net for ten-years.

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    Welcome to the forum, 3turncarby!
    I am sure that you will like it here. The natives are friendly (mostly) and the brain food in awesome!
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    Welcome to the forum. I agree that the clutch is the weak link in the drive system of these china motors. It's the same way with antique motorcycles.
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    Yes, the most common issue is if more than 1mm give by the clutch-sprocket from bearing-spindle than the clutch rattles or becomes useless and the only way to fix it is to heat-up spindle-ring and gentle tap it evening all around until square and no give as grease should also be put-in prior to seal-it-in (sealed bearings).