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  1. Live_to_Ride

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    This be my dog and me..........
    I bought my dog a new kid trailer for the back of my bike last year.
    She goes every where I go.
    She is smarter than me.
    I'm teaching her how to cook this month, after she learns how I'm booting my wife out.

  2. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Cool dog but whats with the hoop? I was really getting ready to watch the dog go through the hoop. You dog trick teaser!
    Hee hee!
  3. Live_to_Ride

    Live_to_Ride New Member


    Let the vid load longer...she goes threw the hoop.

    Now if I could only get my wife to go threw the hoop.
    I keep knocking my wife, but she really is a doll.
    She's very tall, very Blonde', and very Dutch.
    Met her on line 9 years ago.
    I lived in Holland for 5 years.
    They have some pretty cool bikes there.
    Here is another.

  4. iRide Customs

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    HAHA!! Cool...your dog wears shoes.