Measuring Fuel Level

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    By doing different mods on my bike I ran into having to have to buy a throttle grip setup from a scooter. So by doing so it gives me the capability to later on hook up electrical things like blinker.
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    Check out Baja Designs kits. You may be able to pick one up on ebay for cheap. There designed for fully dirt race bike to convert into enduro or regular off road dirt bike into on off road bikes.
    I don't know about the gas tank level reader but the blinkers and handlebar setups are what you would need. They also have headlights. Maybe you could get one in parts. The setup I used to have was an xr650r race dirt bike and it comes with a built in generator in the motor area. This gave off huge spark power making it really really fast. So when you converted it it would slow it down some. There was only a little tiny battery. You'll have to figure that out either way.
    You can check out enduro light kits also by searching with those words I came up with this ebay add number 120768462831 and the price is reasonable.
    Hope this helps
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    for 20 its worth experimenting with, if they had any in stock.

    depending on the tank, bend the float to a suitable position, drill hole in appropriate place in tank, reinforce hole, apply silicone, mount sender...

    then the circuit for actually deciphering the signal recieved into a low middle and full reading is fairly simple. just need to know how the sensing element works. resistance or reluctance? is float up a high reading or low reading?

    lovely scent of rosin and the strange smell of cooked transistors... :)

    led bar graph circuits with simple IC's are straightforward to make... lcd displays are just getting fancy...and theres oLed panels which are brilliant :) maybe a bit hi tech for any bike, even a bmw...
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