mecanical twiddlefreaks,& gizmonuts unite!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wavygravy, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    hi gang! as with the the majority of us my first glance at a motored bike was a wizzer when i was a kid! i have been rideing & raceing many things sence mostly things of the 2 wheel nature.i come from a very long line of of motorcycle & gizmo my younger years it was go fast all the time, now just ocasionally & these motored bikes offer a way to slow down a bit & see whats goin on as ya go by!i have owned & built countless motorcycles & such over the years & these are a way of twiddling affordably!last project was racing pocket bikes & setting up track with private guys rock!!

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    howdy, neighbor...i sure i hope i get that call for my help (i.e. drink beer & supervise) on a new build real soon :)

    welcome to the MBc 8)
  3. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Whassup Wavy !!

    Washington sure is represented now. Maybe Tom oughta add State Flags to the Profile Dealio ! Enough of you RainForesters to do a Death Race like the Arizonians !!
  4. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    Hi from a fellow Ocean Parker...

    Hi...auggieDog is here with me now and we were just checking out the forum together...I just informed him that I purchased an 80cc engine on line...welcome to the forum and well be seeing around town on your motorized someday...I have found a good hook up see Hermossassa Viking's post it...happy trails man...
  5. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    Greetings fellow Washingtonian! Hailing ya' from T-Town (Tacoma).
    Hey Auggie, we got enough people now to really do a decent sized ride if we could coordinate it and get folks to show up! Heck, I'd bet we could get dome of our Oregon & Idaho neighbors there too, if the event were big enough. Maybe have different 'events' and a swap meet, along with the ride around (like the poker run idea, but expand it as well...)
    Food for thought, maybe we can all discuss it more in the Let's Ride forum...
    Anyway, good to meet ya there wavygravy!
  6. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I knew when I saw your nic that I would like you, and when I saw title of this thread I was assured of a fine attitude :lol: :lol:

    I think he was the kewlest guy in the woodstock movie...I think he was a merry prankster too, wasn't he?
  7. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    I have a wavy gravy album (remember vinyl records and turntables fellas?), and i saw him announce for the Grateful Dead in Eugene Oregon many years ago. Dig the Wavy Gravy...
  9. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    thanks for the welcome gang!

    the real wavygravy was the coolest he refused to grow up & conform & so do i!!my many nieces & nephews nicked named me that!they all live in canada where they still have real hippies! just got honda 90 goin & am lookin for a nice frame to start building motored bike!!looking forward to the big caravan ride!!
  10. nashe

    nashe Guest

    Ooh .. I'm down with the Wavy Gravy! :D
    Not lucky enough to have an album, though.

    Welcome aboard, Wavy!

    All you folks are so far away from me. If I can get things together and a good bike running, maybe I can get my friends in OR and WA to put me up for a while so I can ride with y'all sometime.

    The St. Louis area seems devoid of motorized-bike gurus. :???:

    Everybody I've talked to just looks at me like I'm crazy.
  11. hahah, i know that feeling, i went through 4 bicycle shops before i found one that thought it was a cool idea to motorize one, hehe
  12. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I guess me n azvinnie are lucky, the bike shop here, next to Mt McDowell (a very well known mtb destination) fell in love with my first bike (Haro V1),and likes our choppers even more !!! 8) 8)

    ...but, his partner is more of the elitist type...but hey, we converted 1/2 of em already :p :lol: :lol:
  13. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Welcome to the group. It's nice to see another Pacific Northwesterner!