Mediaval lock for Gas/Fuel Tank and Deep Clutch Idler Pin

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    Part I: Medieval Lock for Gas/Fuel Tank
    The idea came from the some websites ..gulp .... anyway

    What you need:
    1. set of hasp
    2. clothes hanger
    3. wire
    4. Glue
    5. Paint
    6. small padlock

    Cost: under $5 (AUD)

    Firstly, just remove the original hasp, replace it with clothes hanger, wrap it with wire, paint, some bending for adjustment, glue or weld (for stronger lasting fit) and there you go

    Nothing fancy tough

    Part 2: Customized Deep Clutch Idler
    1. Hex screw
    2. Anything to tie up the screw (I'm using plastic spring from my Nintendo DS screen cleaner)

    Cost: barely nothing

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  2. HoughMade

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    Somehow a gas cap chastity belt makes sense. Keeps people from stealing your gas so you don't know.
  3. beach cruzin

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    thats a cool,but is not just as easy to take the whole tank ro just the whole bike instead of just your gas lol sorry it just looks like you have alot of spare time lmao good idea tho
  4. grummy

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    actually, I'm making it to avoid ppl to put sumthing into my tank ^^
  5. HoughMade

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    So exactly like a chastity belt.