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    pretty cool story.i was coming up my road today when another mbr with a friction drive from staton pulled out from a side road.just happend to stop in front of my house.:whistling:.anyways he was telling me he had meet a mbr at a conveinent store about six months he had to have one.he went to staton and bought a robin subaru 4 stroke.first one ive seen.very quite!i made a few adjustment to it cause it wasnt lined up on the wheel.and it had been slipping to much and wearing the tire out.anyways we got to talking and i realized the guy who he seen at the store was i told him he looked at my bike again and started laughing cause he recognized it.

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    same guy just showed up at my house with his brother on a crappy time.that he paid 600 seems i got some buisness coming.he needs somthing done with that piece of chit chain tensioner.start tommorow.this will be the first of my crappy time experience.guess ill check to see if the spocket is true to.they also want to buy my new chain drive project.when i get camera working ill post of a kind youlle like it.