Meet in Portland, IN! July 11-14/07

Are you gonna be there?

  • I really hope so.

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  • If I have to drag my bike through tar for 40 days and 40 nights I'll be there!!!

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This is in some other threads, but to give it some visibility here ya go:
July 11 - 14th, 2007, Wednesday - Saturday

Vintage Motor Bike Club Annual Meet, Jay County Fair Grounds, Portland, Indiana

*EVENT*: 2007 Vintage Motor Bike Club's Annual Meet. Camping will begin on Monday (July 9th) for the $40 fee for the entire meet. Pre-registering is strongly encouraged. This is one of the biggest motor bike/cycle/scooter meets of the year. One can see almost anything that is a motorized two wheeler. Lots of fun, good food, games, banquet, show, vendors, rides, auction, and huge swap meet.
More information, as well as pre-registration form and event schedule, will be posted as they become available.

*CONTACT*: Joyce Lee, 537 W. Huntington St., Montpelier, IN 47359.
Phone: ( 765 ) 728 - 5318. E-Mail: .

I am planning on getting out there, it's about 100 miles from here, so riding is a pretty viable option for me; and I could possibly meet up in Indy and ride out there with some of y'all?
I know there are a few of you who want to go, or are already planning a cross country trip. So how about we get a collective preliminary response on how big this could be for the ol' MBc. I think this could very well be a good inaugural rally for us, seeing as how it's already set up, there will be lots of people there, and we could just kinda hop on and show up. I think they'd probably be happy with a few representatives from our corner of the motorized bike world, plus we(MBc) may very well get some great exposure and facilitate our own growth and expansion of human resources.
Plus me and Heath could probably help out with...well...whatever we could help out with in Indianapolis. We both work at a bike shop, so we've got some pretty good resources.

If you need help getting there, or just don't have the resources, please ask for help, who knows what we could come up with.

Any other ideas?

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i voted for dragging myself thru the tar, with a "may need help with resources" qualifier 8)

i'd love to ride all the way there, but i suppose i could/maybe should do an amtrak auto-train to get closer to the action...i have a bit of time to start stuffing the piggy bank :D


aww man i realy want to go my sister lives close to there but for me it will probably never happen.


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Sep 30, 2006
Hey Hoosiers (and other MBers),

I wrote that e-mail, set up an area in "Traveling" for the Portland folks to give us all the rally details. How about a few more members writing them, invite them join us?

I invited Joyce Lee to post her "Indiana" Rally Information here, and please post other gatherings, rumored or real, here and we will contact the organizers to get the scoop.


I just fired off a request for information, and an invitation to post here as well.
I think if a few more went her way we may be able to find out a bit more. The web looks pretty scarce for info regarding this for some reason.
It's late now, but I'll get on the phone and give that number a call too.


Okay, here's my plan:
I'll be riding my moto to a designated spot (probably Reno) to meet my buddy Brian who is driving his car (as support vehicle, or "rolling toolbox" as he calls it) from Phoenix,AZ and from there heading out. I need to go north from there at some point, to hit Minneapolis where my friend now lives (nice opportunity to visit her, catch a shower, laundry, and coffee...). That's all I've got for mapping my route so far.
If more people want to join in, it would be great, but it would also be nice to know so we can plan the route to set-up Rendevous points along the way.If Bird could swing it, and wanted to go, I'm sure he and Brian could rendevous, and cruise up to reno.
I'm riding no matter what, and I am more than happy to have anyone who wants to ride join in.
Augie, if you wanted and have the time, I'm sure we could work it all out, and as I stated, the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.
This could really be a great event for this group, and motobikes in general.
Imagine the looks upon the faces of innocent onlookers as a swarm of bikes sounding like angry hornets goes zipping past!
Let's talk more about this if it's something anyone would be interested in...



I know that Kenny Thomas will be going (from KY.) but he takes his motorhome and transports his machines with that. There's a lot of folks from that way going-
Quenton Guenther (Outer Banks Whizzer) fron NC will be there (he built the engine for this and is anxious to see how it performs)
There's a couple of other folks from that way going as well, but i can't think of them at the moment.
There's folks I met from all over the midwest going, a few folks from california, texas, etc.
It really is the BIG motobike event.
It's HUGE, I was like a kid in a candy store at the place!
But mostly it's a great place to see old frinds who've just met, and socialize.


it all depends on if i go to mexico the same exact weekend (i think) but i would realy like to go up there to visit my sister and her family since ive never been up there and havnt seen them for a while.


We (Ethan and I) could definitely help you guys that are riding. actually, i think Indianapolis would be a great place for everyone to meet and ride from there to the event. i have a trailer for my cherokee that i could drag behind it, should anyone break and not be able to do a roadside fix (not to mention i might want to drag something home from the event!). i could probably put a couple of people up at my place (providing my wife says it's cool with her).