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    I'm building an occ chopper and am adding a shift kit with a 5 speed shifter and gear cluster. The standard jackshaft is too short to work on this bike for several reasons. I ordered a new jackshaft from Mfg Supply and discovered that the shift kits shaft is 15mm, and the ones I can find are 5/8 or 3/4. I need this new 5/8 shaft turned down to 15mm and the keyway widened to 5.81 mm ...that's according to my digital calipers. I can order 15 mm shafts but the keyway is not wide enough or deep enough. Anyone have the tools to do this kind of thing? Local shops start at $65 per hour including set up time obviously. This bike is making me crazy and I'm rapidly losing my patience and my hair is almost all pulled out already. Help me out here fellas before I wind up bald and crazy. Thanks!

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    I would try putting it into a drill press, in order to widen and deepen the keyway...

    Don't forget also, the male fitting for the keyway can also be taken down to match the shaft, although you wouldn't want to sacrifice strength too much. Pics would help if you had a chance...

    Somebody has to have a shaft that size, try a bearing place local too you...

    Good luck!
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    Thanks to Huntington and Mort, I put a new battery in the digital calipers, turns out the shaft is .590 which is 15mm and the keyway is 5mm wide and 3mm deep. I found the right shaft at McMaster for about $25 and shipping added, not sure what that will be yet. It is 300mm long or just under 12inches. This should solve my problem handily. Hopefully I won't need to ream out the sprockets or collars. Part of the problem is that I already had the engine mounted to a motor mount from Barry (ebay) which is great for left side drives as it sets the engine 7/8ths off center to the left. That choice was made before I decided to add the shift kit and since it was already on the bike and the engine was on the mount, I stayed with it rather than try to find or make a new mount. Conventional mounts don't work on the occ. Even if I could center the mount in the frame a longer shaft is still necessary because of the wider tire and the sprocket cluster on the rear. You know how it is with hindsight, it's always 20/20. I'll post the results of the longer shaft when I get it done, maybe someone else doing one of these bikes will be helped.
    It seems McMaster is a good source for lots of items we back yard engineers can use. Thanks again Huntington.
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    Although I didn't note it previously, those sizes sounded a little funny to me also! LOL! What a difference a battery makes!

    I would still look local, while you might pay a few bucks more? You might get it faster and the price might be offset by the shipping!

    Check out tractor supply or a bearing place... Somebody might be using them for an industrial purpose arround you, IE: Conveyor belts ect.

    Glad you at least found one place!
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    glad to be of service. McMaster is a great place, I always had good luck with fast shipping. They are an industrial suppler, and one of the biggest, so chances are there is a local distributor near you. You might spend a few extra bucks but you have the peice of mind knowing the product you buy is of the highest industrial standers.

    With new shafts you might need to sand it down a bit help the bearings and sprocket fit. I'm lazy so I use a drill press, just stick the shaft in the chuck of the drill press. I start with my craftsman flat file. Set to the slowest setting on the drill, you can take off a lot material, clean it up with a little sandpaper.

    If no drill press. no worries, sandpaper works well, just takes longer.

    $25 ant too bad. Keep us posted, im interested in this build.

    *Most resellers and supply shops buy from McMaster
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    I checked around Milwaukee Marty, sadly most of our industrial suppliers have moved out due to the oppressive taxes here. Now about that battery, my girlfriend just grinned and said something about a new battery sure does make a difference........gee I wonder what the heck she's talking about :whistling:
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    member needs machining done

    Yeah, I figured $25 wasn't wild either and saves me a lot of driving thru town. McMasters is just south of me, around Chicago I think so should be quick and inexpensive for shipping. I'm with you on the drill press idea, unfortunately the only lathe I have now is a wood lathe and no way will that work. Before I retired I had access to a completely equipped machine shop and there would have been no problem here. This has been an interesting and challenging build so far. Hopefully it will all be worth it. I should end up with a little chopper with five speeds, an 80cc engine and a nice saddle seat from a Harley Sportster. I'm seriously considering disc brakes for it as well, I just don't trust caliper brakes to be adequate especially in 5th gear out in the countryside. I know a couple of guys on this forum have done these bikes so I've got a good bit of information from them. My next project will be to get a little welder and learn to use it, that would help quite a bit on these bikes. I'll keep you guys posted on the progress of this build. Thanks for the help guys! Woody
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    McMASTER Carr has one of the fastest shipping turn around times. I used to order from them daily, and couldn't believe how fast in stock items came.


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    When you think about who they supply to, factory's, it's no surprise. The medical company I worked at, for every minute a machine was down, the company lost $10k. Makes for a creative craftsmen. But more important, we need a way to get parts fast.

    It was common for McMaster and other companies to drive parts to us, for an increased fee.


    Your first pic looks like your not using a key in your jack shaft. Am I seeing that right? Looks like you have that alien bolt threaded through the sprocket and resting in the keyway of the shaft.

    If so you run the risk of play on the sprocket and wear out the shaft, also very easy to blow bearings. There should be a key that fits the sprocket and shaft, then use a set screw to secure the key, sometimes a 2nd set screw to secure the shaft.

    Maybe I'm just seeing things though. But if not, its a cheap fix.
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    Yes when you need parts to keep running, time is money!

    LoL, my problem was the reverse of Arkive1. I had a 3/4" shaft and 15mm sprocket adapters. I had to turn down the shaft ends to 15mm. The fit is tight. The adapters have two set screws @ 180 Deg. that go 1/4" into the shaft. At the time the pic was taken, had to use allen cap screws(set screws were to short).

    Also As it turned out, the mtr-drive side freewheel wasn't needed. Only got a little over 100 mi before the weather turned, but every thing seems to solid.

    This one seems to have twice the getup and go as my other s-ray. The first has 1 speed 32T and seems to top out(over rev) around 30 mph.
    I believe the tuned pipe on the new one, gave quit a power and exhaust noise boost.

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