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  1. trying to find some members from the uk who can assist in using bikes on the road. thought i might try here as dvla vosa and dft are useless and shouldnt have jobs..........

    any help as to what you do would help.

    im not sure what the law is.

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    Welcome aboard, Richard.

    I'm not sure I fully understood what you are looking for. But the legalities in your area are part of it, right?

    You should find your answers here. There's a few UK members.
  3. sorry not made it clearer. what i want to know is im trying to make sense of the laws on mbs and i need some more info on what people have done.

    i have read and read and read guidelines and im sick of reading them, there is no way of answering any queastion i have by the road authoraties.

    there is nothing that states what is needed by joe public to ensure that these mbs are legal. as i drive for a living i cannot afford any points or court stuff on my license.

    i have gone as far as making it come under a moped with pedals, but as we all know it isnt. and they keep sending me info about electric bikes. its definatly not electric but if they want to call it that, thats fine by me.
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    I've had this in my bookmarks for a while. Can't remember how I found it but I was also looking for how to make my motorised bike legal.

    As far as I know, all you need is a sturdy frame, good brakes, rounded brake lever ends, indicators, brake lights, illuminated speedo for night use, lights and a number plate.

    It also needs to either be slower than 16mph or less than 1KW. So my Honda GX31 friction drive is slightly over limit for both.
  5. cant seem to get the link to work. thanks for the info tho