Memphis TN or nearby

sup ollicat. Do you have a working bike with motor? What kind? I went out that way to get a chain a few days ago. Were in Midtown and we go on rides every sunny day that we have bikes working.
nice to see another local person round here
I've only seen 3 motor bikes, 1 is mine and the other 2 are crazygringo's. have you ever seen a motorbike around here Ollicat?
Hey guys,

My bike is in fine working order. Problem is, I have 3 young kids and my wife doesn't let me out of the house much by myself. I have never seen another mb in Memphis. I feel like quite the loner. I get lots of looks from folks. I have found some good routes around C'ville and G'town. All of them involve staying off Poplar/ Germantown Pkwy.

I have a cruizer style bike with a DE friction drive.
well, we both have ex-wives, so we get plenty of riding time. we also both have the chinese 2-strokes and love 'em.
oh yea, gringo says you got a PM.
maybe one day we can all meet up some time.
Memphis Area MB Riders

Greetings to all, I'm from Jackson TN,the only other person I know of in this area with a motorized bike besides myself was a guy I saw on the news from up near Milan TN. He was riding his to and from work which was about ten miles one way. I just finished my second bike which is a 2008 Schwinn Windwood Cruiser with a 66cc two strock. My first bike is a 2007 Huffy Cantilever Cruiser with a 70cc engine.Every where I go people are always asking about it and admiring it. They are so much fun. I have pictures of the Huffy in the photo galley. Happy Riding.
Howdy from Southaven,Ms

Technically, I don't have a mb yet unless ya count pieces, that is. I'm building a antique type replica. Got a Magna mtb frame, a edger motor, and wayyyy to much time on my hands !!!!!!:devil2:
MB'er from Millington

Originally from Midtown. Have been MBiking on and off since the 60's. Both
gas and electric. front and rear friction. Frame and rack mounts. Most recent bikes I have are Tanaka/Gebe,Staton/Tanaka40cc and at present a Huffy Cranbrook with 49cc Haungshin in frame:helmet: Nice ride area in my:helmet: neck of the woods[Shelby Forest]