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  1. crazygringo

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    Lets make some noise!!!

  2. NunyaBidness

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    yea yea!
    me bro and I need more people to ride with
  3. ollicat

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    Hey, I am in Collierville
  4. crazygringo

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    sup ollicat. Do you have a working bike with motor? What kind? I went out that way to get a chain a few days ago. Were in Midtown and we go on rides every sunny day that we have bikes working.
  5. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    nice to see another local person round here
    I've only seen 3 motor bikes, 1 is mine and the other 2 are crazygringo's. have you ever seen a motorbike around here Ollicat?
  6. ollicat

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    Hey guys,

    My bike is in fine working order. Problem is, I have 3 young kids and my wife doesn't let me out of the house much by myself. I have never seen another mb in Memphis. I feel like quite the loner. I get lots of looks from folks. I have found some good routes around C'ville and G'town. All of them involve staying off Poplar/ Germantown Pkwy.

    I have a cruizer style bike with a DE friction drive.
  7. NunyaBidness

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    well, we both have ex-wives, so we get plenty of riding time. we also both have the chinese 2-strokes and love 'em.
    oh yea, gringo says you got a PM.
    maybe one day we can all meet up some time.
  8. blueovalguy

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    Memphis Area MB Riders

    Greetings to all, I'm from Jackson TN,the only other person I know of in this area with a motorized bike besides myself was a guy I saw on the news from up near Milan TN. He was riding his to and from work which was about ten miles one way. I just finished my second bike which is a 2008 Schwinn Windwood Cruiser with a 66cc two strock. My first bike is a 2007 Huffy Cantilever Cruiser with a 70cc engine.Every where I go people are always asking about it and admiring it. They are so much fun. I have pictures of the Huffy in the photo galley. Happy Riding.
  9. Topcat

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    Howdy from Southaven,Ms

    Technically, I don't have a mb yet unless ya count pieces, that is. I'm building a antique type replica. Got a Magna mtb frame, a edger motor, and wayyyy to much time on my hands !!!!!!:devil2:
  10. MB'er from Millington

    Originally from Midtown. Have been MBiking on and off since the 60's. Both
    gas and electric. front and rear friction. Frame and rack mounts. Most recent bikes I have are Tanaka/Gebe,Staton/Tanaka40cc and at present a Huffy Cranbrook with 49cc Haungshin in frame:helmet: Nice ride area in my:helmet: neck of the woods[Shelby Forest]
  11. Basementchoppers

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    I live in Memphis too, Mid-town to be exact. There is a antique ride coming up at the beginning of April. Nothing more than 35mph. I was gonna drive my stingray, as my wife is probably gonna drive her C70. If you guys are interested, I can get information when all the details are hammered out.
  12. tntraveler59

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    Are you fellows still riding. I am near Somerville and put together a bike last spring and rode most of last summer until I had some technical problems. Those are all fixed now and I am back on the road again and would love to ride with someone!
    My bike is an old walmart beach cruiser with the chinese made 2 cycle engine.

  13. ollicat

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    Yup, still riding. In fact, I hope to get the bikes up and running this weekend now that it is getting warmer. I am now working on a getting a GEBE powered Electra Townie. I ride around Collierville/Germantown
  14. tntraveler59

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    Great to hear it! Would love to get together and ride sometime if you are interested in that. I ride the back roads of Fayette county and made one ill fated trip to Mississippi!

  15. TerraPilot

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    Ribon Cut on the Memphis Green line.

    I'm surprised no one mentioned it here. My wife and I drove into Tillman ribbon cutting from the Podesta and Boswell access just in time to catch the cutting of the ribbon today on the new Green Line. . My Wife and I both ride GEBE setups.
    Today and most weekdays the trail is not too crowded. Weekends are a complete bust though. "Way too crowded". The block party all along the trail is this Saturday. I may try to make that but the crowd is just too much for comfortable driving.

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  16. ollicat

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    Terra Pilot,

    Where do I find this new greenbelt. I have been reading about it in the paper, but as you would expect, no maps were published. Where do you get on and off this new greenbelt?

    Now that you attached your bike pic, I thought I would attach my ride with my BIG ride in the back

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  17. green belt access

    Shelby Farms area at farm rd and mullins station rd intersection is a safe area to park Further west into memphis you can access the green belt at Tillman st which is in the middle of gang land or highland st, or the next access at High point terrace st. next streets heading east are graham.waring.Perkins Mendenhall and White station all of which [High point excluded ]Are IMHO dangerous to cross. park at your own risk in the hoods. When you get back your windows might be smashed in. Also the Memphis mentally might create problems for those riding gas powered bikes. I was born and raised in memphis and knowing how some Memphians and the memphis police can be I will ONLY ride a non motorized bicycle or in my case a recumbent on this greenbelt. Another thought Please don't ride alone and take a cell phone with you
    Recumbentbill EX Native Memphis Mid Towner and victim of crime. Jumped several times and experienced bicycle jacking in Overton Park [not fun at all]
  18. TerraPilot

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  19. TerraPilot

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    To recumbentbill;
    Your Shelby Forest Area sounds quite intriguing. I've driven all over the Old North end of the Navy base. Exactly what or where to do you recommend in the Shelby Forrest area? PS Glad to see you still biking even with the back thing. I seem to remember Shelby Forrest being quite hilly.
  20. Shelby Forest area

    Yep Shelby Forest is hilly. A lot of the hills I have to pedal with the engine. Some of the Bluff hills unless you have a SBP shift kit or your a really fit cyclist forget it and walk it [Motored cruiser here] I can pull all of the hills on a my human powered RANS v2 recumbent and mountain bike. The area I like to ride can easily make for a 60m plus ride if i want covering north shelby county west of high way 51 on up into tipton county and with a brief ride headed north on 51 leaving Covington I can head into Lauderdale county going through Henning on the east side of 51 or heading west to ft pillow civil war park. From the Ft Pillow, Cold Creek area I have biked on up to ReelFoot Lake Via back roads. Of course now were talking a 2 or 3 or more days motoredbike trip.
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