Memphis Tn's new rail to trails

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by recumbentbill, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. I'm riding a non motorized Recumbent So I guess the off topic is the only place I can post this. The youtube video is me [Recumbentbill----Motor bike fan and stage 111 4s cranbrook owner]. I won't ride my cranbrook on this rails to trails [its not allowed and too many joggers,walkers, small kids on training wheel bikes] besides I do like to go stealth or like the movie 'Silent Running"
    Any way its a really nice Trail that has been in the making for a long time. Hope you like the video
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  2. professor

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    You sure did well with the camera, riding onehanded and filming!
  3. one handed

    Thanks Professor
  4. TerraPilot

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    To Recumbentbill;
    Glad to see your enthusiasm plus possibly the first Video of it. The trail that is. I wonder who will be the first to do one of those vacation like illustrated maps of it. LOL
    The low hum of my little 35 cc 4 cycle motors are being mistaken for electric on this trail. Plus I've talked to some of the board members who say the motor thingy is still up in the air. They liked my rig too as I met some of them at the ribbon cutting. As you said the trail is no fun on weekends with all the walkers and wandering children. I searched your name and came up with pictures of your ride. It appears to be a Huffy Cranbrook with a big 4 cycle. Sorry for my ignorance. Seems I remember your back precluded you riding conventional bikes, Right?
    Never saw Silent Running but I remember Clark Gable in "Run silent run deep" .
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