men or womens seat

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by hheltzer, May 3, 2010.

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    You might get teased about it but it should be comfortable. If you suffer from hemorrhoids it would be a godsend. I have a Worksman butt bucket on mine and it is great. You can get a "second" Worksman from this link.
    It just has minor cosmetic defect but the price is right and they are strong. My brother has one too. We are big guys and they are very comfortable.

  3. Looks like a regular seat to me,no way to tell if its a man or womens seat unless you buy one in pink.
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    WTF is an "anatomic relief system"? LOL
  5. That would be a seat thats kind to your man parts.
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    Looking at the picture, your "man parts" would have to be really small to get any relief from that seat.
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    It's supposed to relieve pressure on nerves and blood vessels that are between the the bottom of the pelvis and the seat. The idea is (and, its supported by medical evidence) that it can help to alleviate the need for the little blue pills, if not now, in the future... Apparently, long time bike riders are more likely to suffer from these issues than non-riders...

    The split-seating concept got started with the Hobson Easy Seat. I have to say, I love my Easy Seat II.
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    That's a fairly small seat hheltzer

    I replaced the standard seat on my mountain bike (a pathetic excuse for a seat) with something much closer to a sheep; it's a very old style ladies seat and must be about a foot and a half wide with overly generous padding.
    It's the most delightfully comfortable thing to place your posterior on, 'next to a sheep'.
    Although it looks out of place, the seat is pure joy on a long journey, with the only discomfort being some spandex, lycra clad cyclist giving me a moral lecture on the fact that i'm cheating.

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