Mental health - Just another reason to ride!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ridercam, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Heck, mental health is the MAIN reason I ride. -Jeff
  3. Yea I had a 1970 Honda CB750 with loose head (steering) bearings. That thing was all stock except for newer tires.

    Yea that thing shook like you would not believe whenever I rode past 75 mph. Even at 55 mph you had to hold on.

    Yea. That thing ruled.

    My mental health was never better.
  4. I had a rat bike a 1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 for a parts chaser that had loose neck bearings & it had the full fairing with dash & I wouldnt take the time to fix but it only shook on gravel roads & driveways & was so bad I usually parked in edge of yard or side of road & would walk to persons house I was visiting.

    man am I glad I got rid of that thing, it was one of the least reliable bikes I ever owned & mileage was only in the low 30,000's & was upper teens when I bought it. most people have told me they are supposed to be a very reliable bike? maybe I just got a bad one? & one of my friends had a 750 kawi & he cranked it up to go to work & he forgot something went back into the house & he heard bike stall & it locked up he thought maybe a piston partially siezed but it was in the crank assembly as he pulled top end off & motor was still locked.

    most relaible motorcycles for me have been Harleys a fluke but none the less they are only bikes I would go on a major trip on just because of all my bad luck with basically everything else.

    so has anyone done any bike weeks with their motored bikes? it might be some fun.... I wont be ready until next year but I plan to go to Myrtle Beach bike week next year & mess with all the wannabees that are there......I am very hard core & old school biker & wear my Harley patch upside down on bottom of my leather coat not sure if anyone here understands the meaning of that? I have 2 projects in mind to build one for me & one for the wife & I have been in contact with a few vendors figuring out exactly what I will be building for myself but for the wife it will be a more normal of a motoredbike.


    the meaning of upside down patch is your love for Harley but anti-motofactory where some of the hard core turned their backs toward Harley & will never buy an original part from a dealership nor own a newer bike & only support the aftermarket because of the way Harley turned their backs on the real bikers starting in 1985 so most refuse to ride anything newer than 1985 which means no EVOs, no TC88, nor TC88B.
  5. It's sad really cause the TC88 is a hauler! But the carby is Japan go figure.
  6. I came close to working on one owned by a clubber & so far it was my favorite new style, it was a tc88 bolted to a hard tail chopper frame backed by a jocky shift 4 speed with 3 inch exposed primary belt kick only with aprox an 18 inch over front end with 25 inch apes on 6 inch risers.

    as for hauling my old shovel was faster than a stock 88 by far & close to a stage 3?, 96 inch kitted tc88 actually I was faster except for 50 to 90mph roll & from a stop I was faster, & 88 couldnt pass me & I had higher top speed.

    one tc88 bike I raced had ignition upgrades with a piggy back computer aftermarket heads, cam upgrades, & fuel injection upgrades. poor guy only got 25mpg I could average 37mpg to 39mpg running flat out for 100plus miles & unless they remove speed limiter top speed would be under 120mph where I was in neighborhood of 140 to 150mph with apehanger

    how do you bury an EVO or TC88? with a SHOVEL... LOL my basket case was to be either a 113" or 120 inch kick only & if I ever get the wild hair to complete it, it will be running a LECTRON carb, magneto ignition with fully ported dual plug early heads. I have probably 10 different styles of carb to play with from bendix to mikuni flat slide & round slide, to S&S E & G, B & D I have most of the parts to do that build including the new Delkron cases.

  7. It certainly is true you need to be far more alert when riding a motorcycle (or motored bike) than when you drive a car. It's like people are trying to kill you out there!
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    MB = relaxation mind and soul

    oh yes my motor bike is used often to get me from point A to point B

    but the best of the west motor bike riding out here is when as follows:

    relaxation mind and soul
    thoughts wonder
    letting everything go
    birds in air
    close to maker
    not a care
    motor running hard
    what we like
    little sweet dream
    motor bike

    ride the motor bike thing
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    So VERY True!!!

    The first time I rode my MB - I knew THIS.

    So sweet, so easy. So inexpensive!

    Dr.: Take a single MB. Ride the thing. No need to call me in the morning!!:jester:
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    Mental stealth

    You keep your mental health and enjoy it while you are completing the build and working on the dream. Your mental "stealth" comes into play during the ride while you are experiencing the dream and having the adventure you actually built yourself..The nightmare starts if if you forget that some others on the road are dreaming about something else other than the ride.
    Be safe, use stealth, and dont sleep walk..ENO
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    Yea it's like the whole world is moving at light speed and your just cruising along at 20-30 mph without a care in the world, Kinda a ZEN thing..
    It's a statement of some sort, a kind of reverse rebellion, kinda like motercycles used to be like before everyone over 50 got one.
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    That's great!

    I have to agree. Few still have motorized bicycles, hehehe.
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    That is hilarious!!! :jester::whistling:

    There is a certain innocent criminal feeling while riding an MB. Especially when are in a new/unknown town/area by yourself. In a group, it's "anythning goes!" :devilish:
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    seahan old man ????????

    that just does seem to be a different kind of statement -- but true
    must be because I am well over 50 now
    maybe my mountain boulders got hurt

    reason for -- let's see
    many of us getting older guys -- rode 2 wheels much when we were younger
    now some with a little more money -- want two wheels again

    others felt that they missed out on something -- we know -- they did
    making it right now
    never too late as long as you are breathing

    maybe the true truth
    riding does make one feel young

    enjoy while you can young whipper snapper ------(((((seahan)))))
    before long you will also be an -------------------(((((old man)))))

    so get out there and ride that thing !!!!!!
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    I only got 6 more years till iam there !!!!
    But Iam not getting a motorcycle !!! ( wife wont let me have one) Dammitt!!!!
    I rode dirt and street bikes for 10 years , my last bike was a Katana went 160mph. I never got a scratch over 100,000 miles on the street.
    maybe It's good to quit while your ahead.
    I see at least 1 biker a week get killed on our freeways in the DFW area.
    It's bad enough in a car around here !!!!
    It's raining here today, I drive 50 miles round trip to work and back
    There were 7 wrecks on I-20 today that I saw... We have the most expensive auto insurance in the county !!!
    Wish I could ride my M/B to work, but thats impossible...
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    When I'm out on my MB taking it all in, I'm reminded of lyrics from a Poi Dog Pondering song: "You get to know things better when they go by slow..."