Stolen Mesa, AZ 3rd Bike stolen in 2 yrs!

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    I went on vacation to Yosemite for a week, and I left my bike on the locked on the back porch with a flat tire while I was gone. The ONLY thing stolen while I was gone was my bike. Some neighbourhood sh*t went into my backyard and took it out the side gate. It was not visible from the street and nothing else was stolen. It must have been someone who knew it was there, which leads me to suspect my neighbours. I'll be calling the po-po and putting up flyers, posting here, and talking to my neighbours.

    This is the my third build in 2 years and they have ALL been stolen within 6 months. I am really getting sick of this BS.:38: Pics of my ride are attached. It's a blue Schwinn Legacy with 13 in. ape hangers, a 72 spoke front wheel, a basket, and a bailing wire rig on the engine sprocket cover.

    PM me or reply here if any of you Phoenicians spot it. Thanx.

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  2. RdKryton

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    Wow dude I don't know what to tell you. That really sucks that you can't keep something without some lowlife stealing it. You have a fairly distinctive build so maybe you will have some good luck recovering the bike.
    Got my fingers crossed for you.

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    Sorry....ya never know who the thief(s) might be.Don't for get to look at any tree huggers you might have for neighbors or some idiot who just doesn't like the sound of a nice running 2 stroke.Good luck
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    Get yourself a set of the alphabet for stamping metal. Put your initials somewhere on the bike where they won't be seen. Then paint over them.

    Make arrangements to take your car and Family? away for a couple of days. Be sure everyone around knows you are leaving.

    Here might be the hard part. Get a friend and the both of you sneak back into your house after dark. Have a video cam. Take turns watching 24 hours a day until you catch the thief in the act. Let him take the bike home. Then call the cops, report what happened and what you did. Ask for a cop to come to your house right away. Show him/her the video and tell where the jerk lives.

    The video will show the crime happening and the bike at his residence will have YOUR initials on it for additional proof.

    If you lived around here I would be more than happy to help do something like this too! Nail his A$$ to the wall!

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    I will keep an eye on CraigsList for it, and also locally :)
    not many around FH tho, so if it makes it this far, it should be easy to spot ;)
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    What part of Town? I drive north/south through Mesa (Val Vista through Higley) to/from most days, so I'll keep an eye out for it.

    As Bill mentioned, keep an eye on craigs list. Also, pull out the Yellow Pages, and visit the local pawn shops.
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    I am getting saddened and mentally sick of hearing of folk's pride and joy's being stolen.
    I HATE *^%#%$ thieves! This makes me MAD!
    I am sorry for your loss, and the third one to boot.....
    I hope you can persevere with another one. There's gotta be a way you can lock the next one up indoors.
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    My guess, the same person stole all 3 and is waiting for you to build them a fourth. Sorry to say you had better get to the bottom of this because someone has surely been watching you. I'd say plant some bait and see what you catch. My be time for a hidden motion camera. I feel for your MB loss. :icon_cry:
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    sounds like they are going over the border in a hurry and selling the **** out of your builds those mexicans pay alot of money for that stuff mucho denero
  11. spad4me

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    I stopped building happy time based motorized bicycles.
    I live in AZ and they suddenly got very popular, with thieves.
    My guess is replacement motors for a racer.
  12. DuctTapedGoat

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    Have you considered that someone has targeted you? Not personally, but in that they know that you are an avid rider. I would consider it.

    Investigate in some antitheft measures.

    Is there an antitheft thread? Keyed clutch concepts or inframe audial alarms? You can use a second smaller cable lock through an individual link on both chains. Route that cable lock to an audial alarm if the cable is cut and you got a good setup.
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  15. buzbikebklyn1

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    God I hate bike thieves...
    I try to never leave it out side, but sometimes you just cant help it.
    Lets face it, if they really want it, there gonna get it.
    All you can do is make it so difficult for them they move on to another easier target.
    I use a 48"Kryptonite New York noose octa link chain, an American "discus" padlock which has no shackle to cut, then a new Kryptonite U lock, and finally a Master Bike cuff with the 16" chain.
    I first chain the bike to a stout street light post, DONT EVER chain down to those green parking sign posts, I've seen them cut with a battery powered saws-all!
    Thru both wheels and around the frame once, then the U lock thru the frame to the post, then the bike cuff to the front wheel and the down tube.
    I also try to park it were i can see it.
    Thats the best you can do, luckily for me my boss also rides so i can take it inside while im at work.
  16. professor

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    One plus about riding a ratty looking bike with a hidden engine is it is so unattractive that even theives would pass it by. I do lock it though, good tips from Buzz!

    Mine looks like something a weirdo would ride. Yep- that is what I look like going down the road.
    I would love to build a really nice ride like I see often here - probably will too, but stealth does have advantages.
  17. buzbikebklyn1

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    Catch a look at my latest built Prof.
    Just search "Iron Horse Warrior" build... shes gonna be a looker.
    I've been stealing time here and there to build it at home in my tiny little make shift work shop as not to let the other guys at the shop see what im up to.
    (!HEY... go steal some ones Else's ideas! lol dig the frame armor made from the bones of an old bike of mine)
    And NO... it will NEVER be left outside, if im welcome... so is my ride!
  18. DetonatorTuning

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    yeah, i'm with graucho, you have to spend some time and effort in taping these guys before you do anything else.

    same type thing happened to my wife. she works at the real services utility intervention office. there are federal guidelines on qualifying, you do or you don't and nothing can change it either way, but some people take it personal and just won't let it go.

    i found a very obscure type of sheetmetal screw with just as uncommon of a drive head in the rain groove of her left rear tire. while i was fixing that she rode my Vmax towork acouple days and guess what, yep same type screw in the rain groove of my bike tire.

    so i sent ther back to work the next day in her car and called the county police and told them i was going to watch it all day and be ready for a call. sure enough, they pulled in on the right of the car leaned out the open door and put another one in that same tire.

    i had seen it coming so i had made the call and had them blocked in as they were sitting back up. it didn't get any prettier from then till the cops got there.

    just be real careful how close you let them get to you and be ready for a worst case senario.

  19. buzbikebklyn1

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    Good For You!

    I fully understand your feelings on this subject Detonator, believe me i've lost a few really great bikes and had vandalism and spite work done on them as well...
    Please please please don't try that again...
    I'm sure the police told you you were very lucky, these thieves are desperate people, for what ever reason, drugs, mental problems ... what have you...
    Your life is not worth a bike no matter how nice, never mind a loved ones...
    You bagged them... good for you, but please be careful.
    I once bagged a bike thief in the process of trying to steal my bike... im a big guy, and an ex cop... lets just say it didn't end well for the thief.

    As it turned out this thief was responsible for 100s of bike thefts, when they raided his apartment they found 27 stolen bicycles... many of which have actually been returned to there rightful owners.
    I've had training and 20 years of experience dealing with these low lives...and a really big gun...
    For your own safety...Please don't try that again.

    "In the old west, they used to hang horse thieves... I think its time to revive the custom"

  20. buzbikebklyn1

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    Oh the keen sting of finding out your favorite toy has been stolen and now some low life is tearing it apart or sold it for a few hits of crack...
    I've felt it 3 times...a miserable heart broken feeling, I know it well.
    I've posted my security accessories many times-
    #1- The Kyptonite New York noose chain
    #2- The Kyptonite U lock
    #3- The Master locks Bike Cuff
    #4- American Padlocks "discus" lock
    The use of these 4 items in combination will make most thieves look for an easier target...
    Notice I said "most", the truth is if they want it bad enough, and you leave it outside, there gonna get it, period, end of discussion.
    If they cant see it they cant steal it!
    Sorry for your loss.