Wheels messed up rear wheel and possibly frame?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by dogchow90, Feb 22, 2011.

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    i posted about a month a go in the tires forum about how my tire wobbled after changing a flat. they suggested that my bearing were loose and i had to tighten the inside nut to tighten them. i did that and it worked fine until two weeks ago then it jamed. turns out i bent the axle according to local bike techy (not official) he replaced it for me.ten miles later the bike jams on the high way. luckily it was by a red light. the wheel kept on rolling to the right until it jams against the frame took it back and found out that some bearings slipped out did something to the wheel that i need to replace it he said. i am asking the guys on this forum if i need to replace the tire.

    the other part is that at some point the nut holding the coaster brake in place fell out and the bolt mentioned above ground in to the frame gouging it but not all the way through.i need to know if this isa serious problem withthe frame and if so how to fix it.

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    If the tire looks ok why replace it?
    I think the gouge will be OK, but do a pic and others can chime in if they want.
    The loading on that exact area is mostly upward -placing force on the tubes going to the seat area.
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    foundout what happened to it. it turns out that the hub casing broke around the edges.
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    finally got the tire back form the shop. here is a pic of the damage to the hub. I am asking if this hub can be repaired? I already ordered a steel wheel with 12g spokes, but i would like to seeif i could salvage this one if possible.