Metal twist throttle, Where can I get one?

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  1. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    The plastic twist throttles do NOT last!

  2. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Check with Staton-inc.
  3. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    Thanks, I'll check it out tonight! Just got home with some more odds & ends to try to finish up some more on this thing...............................................DAN
  4. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    We all know plastic is junk. I have searched and searched.
    E bay has throttlesbut most of them look a lot alike I'm a little leery to buy without customer reviews. Overstock Distributing had some nice billet aluminum ones but don't have any in stock. Somebody out there chime in and help us out. Mine cracked this weekend and twists around on the bars. It would be a great item for SBP to add to their products list.
  5. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    I seen them advertised many months ago, and put the sight in my favorite list, but the hard drive went out on that puter. So now I have to look around the thousand of sights again to find them! I also seen a place that sold a left side handle grip with head lamp, turn & horn switches on it. Need one of those too! Can anybody help?
  6. ElMicNip

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    New throttle would be nice.

    How about a metal one with replaceable grips
  7. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    new metal throttle

    Just installed my new throttle I got off e-bay. I like it a lot. Had to re-do
    my throttle cable at the carb end because I wanted to shorten it anyway.
    I just silver brazed a lump on the end using some fine copper wire that I wrapped the cable with. I made a nice new kill switch with a momentary push button from Radio shack $3. for 2 switches.

    I'll post some pics later
  8. nvrgoingslow

    nvrgoingslow New Member

    i know it would be a little more exspensive but you pay for what you get would a motorcycle throttle assembly or a moped assembly work?
  9. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    Here's what it looks like

    Well worth the $14 . The throttle was from Steadfast cycles in California. Their customer service and shipping were excellent. Made the kill switch out of an old hand brake ( ditched the handle) Reshaped the clamp mechanism and drilled a hole through it. I used a momentary push button switch from radio shack. Total cost for the switch $3

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