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    I've been using this ceiling lift for a while and it's proven to be an excellent method of inspecting every part of the bike in the comfort of a chair.
    Surprising how many sins you find when having a proper look underneath the bike, without having to twist you neck 180 degrees; normally requiring a visit to the chiropracter after the undercarriage inspection.




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    Yup. You've got a good setup there.

    I do some maintenance with the bike standing on the center stand. I also have a repair stand that holds the seat and handlebar at about 2 meters.

    I also have a pergola that'll hold a bike up like your photos show. I don't use it all that much because it's just not very convenient. But looking at your pics has got me thinking that a few pulleys and ropes would be convenient enough. I might just have to do something about this.
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    Those ceiling lifts sell for under $10 at ALDI Supermarkets and you can get them for around $30 in the major home improvement centres like Home Depot.

    They just screw into a ceiling joist or into whatever material is available for a screw to get good purchase.
    I used 14 gauge screws in pre-drilled holes and set in place with liquid nails.
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    bunning, i noticed, has "free standing" bike racks.

    so, ive copied their freestanding bike rack, and ive copied the nursery trolleys with 5 levels for my welder/plasma cutter trolley :)

    when i pick my bike up....wait. i cut it down.

    i DID have a carefully placed branch outside my door. not anymore.

    i guess next time ill just have to use the gantry crane :(

    hanging a bike makes for the best way to work. i hate bikes. the front wheel always flicks over and the whole lot comes tumbling down just as youve finally gotten earth clamp, welding torch, facemask, and lump of steel all in place and are remembering the gas still isnt on...
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    That ceiling lift is exactly the same type of device that's installed to the underside of my overhead shelving.
    Even though they are rated to 20 kilos, it has shown no signs of component fatigue over the many times it's lifted my bike, which weighs in at 38 kilos.