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Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by Rgvkid, Jun 1, 2009.

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    My trailer build is being put on hold until i can get a new Hub. I bought this Rear hub assembly from MFG Supply and when i received it i noticed that the plates are not welded stright. one is really lopsided which would cause alot of problems with wearing on the chain because the sprocket would be even more lopsided. Im glad i noticed it before i started the build mounting everything together. I contacted MFG and they said just to return it. Im going to get my money back and i think im going to look for a wheel with the hub assembly already mounted. Znsane posted some complete wheel assemblies from small engine warehouse which is probably where i will look next.

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    I'm not the only one with a bent hub :grin5:
    I didnt find out it was bent until I had the thing put together.
    I used 2 washers behind the sprocket on 2 of the mounting holes....spins pretty straight.

    If I were to do it again I would go with the tire/wheel/hub the Znsane suggested also....almost half the price and it comes with a tire.
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    I don't have my bike anymore, but I wonder if mine was completely straight... possibly not. I'd go with the one Z recommended too, but it is out of stock now, any other sources for it?
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    The hub i bought would definitly have problems with the chain wear. Its off about 1/8 inch. I coul dhave done a better job with placement and welding it up if they had just sent me the pieces. I looked into the wheel that Znsane suggested. The only thing about the wheel is that it is not a double piece bolted together. So it would be difficult changing the tire. I guess for that price I could juts buy 2. Im thinking of carrying a spare on my trailer. I'd like to use a Tubed scooter tire because of its longevity in lifespan and i can change the PSI to adjust to the bounce and terrain. I'd like to just carry the spare tire without the rim for weight issues but it would be difficult changing tires on a rim that doesn't seperate on the trail.

    I have decided for the hassle and time it will take for me to return it, im going to just cut the welds and re do it myself. I'll order another Znsane special wheel just as a spare. I might look into making a few hubs to sell just in case anyone is interested. I'll keep you posted.
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    That really sucks when you buy an expensive machined piece of metal, only to have it crooked!

    If you can make the hubs better than the MFG supply ones, then that would be great!