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    I have watched a nest of motorbike riders growing around Ocean Park and Klipsan Beach on the Long Beach Peninsula here in Washington for several years now. Totally enjoyed the gathering last year and wish I could have stayed longer. Also appreciated the help when my motorbike wouldn't start (no spark-but it always worked before!).
    Our local little shop closed before I got it fixed, I can handle most mechanicals-not electricals.
    My first working motorcycle was a Honda PA50-a step-through 4-stroke with a leg guard and bicycle pedal assist for the single speed centrifugal clutch. Presently I have a 1952 Honda type F moped kit my dad bought from a guy off the street in Tokyo in 1957. He boxed up the motorized parts and presently its mounted on a 2000 Huffy. Its a bit too rare to ride much but I would like to get it working by the time of the 2009 Ocean Park rally. It mounts the engine on the rear triangle by the axle, has chain drive to a sprocket on the spokes and a lever operated clutch. Post a pic if I figure out the site.
    Motorized bikes and small motorcycles are the answer to so many things and should be considered in any transportation and/or anti-depression plan!
    I'm fortunate enough to have a Guzzi too but since my jobs seem to require me to carry mass tools and work big time in the summer, I don't ride much.
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    Welcome aboard.

    We'd definitely be interested in seeing that '52 Honda.
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    welcome, 'honda...i remember you and yer bike, sorry i didn't have more time that day. i'm glad you found the site...are you interested in helping organize the '09 rally? we're having a meeting soon (coupla weeks) and would love to have you join us :cool:

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    welcome aboard, that '52 honda sounds like a pretty interesting bike, make sure you post up some pics!