Micargi Mustang....Sinister

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  1. Mahlus

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    Finished about a week ago. Here's the result

    Upgraded wiring
    Intake (PowerPlenum Port Intake, Dellorto Carb)
    Exhaust (SBP Expansion chamber exhaust)
    Manic mechanic motor mounts
    Manic Mechanic head
    Jaguar CDI
    Sportsman rear sprocket
    Custome gastank
    Reproduction rear 1937 Ford L.E.D light
    Reproduction Victory headlight
    12 volt rechargeable battery inside the ammo can along with CDI and wiring. L.E.D switched on top of ammo can to turn on/off lights.
    Front Sturmey Archer XF-D drum brake

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  2. GhettoBike

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    Killer ride i love the ammo can touch
    Is that the GT?
    Did you powder coat your tank?
  3. Mahlus

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    It's a Micargi Mustang GTS, no it's ceramic engine paint from a rattle can. Good stuff.