Micargi Tahiti with a 4-stroke frame mount?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sjackson, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. sjackson

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    So I have this typical schwinn style frame that I had planned on using for my conversion. However, it's just a bare frame, and it's in desperate need of a new paint job (purple metal flake... not my style)

    So all the stuff I need to buy for it, and the powder coating I want to have done, will work out to be probably more than just buying a new bike. It's not a classic frame or anything, just a Target/Walmart Schwinn knock off. So if it costs me just as much to get another knock-off already done up the way I want, I might as well, right?

    So I was looking at the Micargi Tahiti. (I'm probably going to get a 3-speed for $195, but this link shows all the different colors available in the Product Pictures section. Same bike minus the nexus hub)

    Will it fit a 4-stroke you think? I can't see why not... but you never know. And which color do you guys like? I'm leaning towards the black or army green, but the bronze is pretty nifty too.
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  2. HoughMade

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    It looks like it would fit- My frame is a cruiser style shaped very much like that and I have a Honda engine with the grubee gearbox. I word of caution- make sure you get the adjustable motor plate, I don't think the fixed plate used on the Hoot kit fits well.
  3. sjackson

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    Yeah I went ahead and got the matte green tahiti. I bought some OD green musette bags last week that I'm going to turn into panniers, so the green frame is probably the best.

    Now I just need to find a place that sells the darn kit. Nobody's got the frame mount kit in stock, not even our buddy in Phoenix. I might have to wait until late July! :confused:
  4. azbill

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    he's not in phoenix...he's in tuscon :lol:
  5. sjackson

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    Ah! but you knew who I was talking about :grin:
  6. Johnny C.

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    I have a red 7 speed that I made electric. I have pics posted in the picture gallery. It's a great bike.

    The dimensions of the area where the engine would go are about 15" across the top x 13" neck to chain guard x 11" chain guard to under seat.

    It is about 6" across the bottom from the bottom water bottle cage screw to the seat post about an inch above the chain guard.

    I hope this helps.