michigan and me almost getting a ticket last summer

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    I live in a small town. In northern michigan I was going tto a doctors apointment which is a 10 mile round trip and decided to ride my 2stroke pistone bike. The reason for my doctor appointment was that I joined a gym and have a heart condition and my trainer whanted a piece of papper saying that it was okay for me to workout and how hard he could push me without me having problems. On my way home I got pulled over by the state boys the cops came up to me and asked for my drivers lic and where was my moped sticker I looked at him and asked him "since when do I need a lic to ride a bike,"Then I told him that it was doctors orders for me to ride my bike but i needed a way to get home if I feel sick or tired then I showed him the papper. he looked at my bike then looked at my motor went back to his car for about 5 minutes came back. and said he was sorry and let me go..

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    i am in the process of getting my bike legal to ride down here in Shelby township , i am not taking any chances i know the laws stupid but will cost more for a ticket that to get it legal .