michigan law



any motorized bike or mophed with more then 50cc motor is considered a motorcycle and you must have all the licenses and tags that go with that. even if smaller then 50cc and the bike does over 30mph it is considered a motorcycle. other wise it is a mophead and all you need a regular drivers license and a sticker which is 15.00 and good for three years. i found this out after i bought mine and glad it does not say the size because it is 80cc lol:???:
So Atcspaul,
I wonder if I go ten miles north into Mi, if they would make me pay the $15 even though I'm from Indiana?
i dont think the police will bother you. i asked a few here and they said they leave us alone inless causing trouble. where in indiana. are you?
I was going to ask the same thing as Doc because next spring, I'd like to make the 70 mile trek to my parent's house in Edwardsburg. I guess we'll see at that time.
Hi Homade, Free Lunch!

If you go south of Valpo 45 miles and north of Lafayette 15 miles, then you are near the Big city of Brookston, Indiana pop 630 and one crazy guy on a motored bicycle! Ride down and I'll buy your lunch, you too Doc! Keep your knees in the breeze! Eric DeRudder rederudder
Thanks for the invite Redrudder.
I just had a neck and back fusion in the past few months so it will be awhile.
Surgeon says it could be a long while.
Cold Fusion

Doc, They would'nt do a 3 level on me so they put in spinal stimulator and keep me loaded up on drugs that would kill a normal adult male! Careful to not blow the next level up or down, the fused area puts extra stresses on the other levels. I'm on my 4th major back surgery and have put a big ol cushy seat and a shock absorber post on my bike, every little bit helps. Heal well and take care, Eric
I know what you mean. I got the big fat tires and the shock post but I am afraid of screwing up the next level and besides, I am sick of hospitals yet I have to have a complete knee replacement in couple of months.
Oh well, I am building that pony cart with springs and modifying it to motor, then Maybe I can take you up on that lunch.
That's a small town. Any cops?