Mickey's Walmart Skyliner

Here's my bike, a $149 Schwinn Skyliner from Walmart with a Kings "80cc" motor kit. This bike has front suspension (springing really as it doesn't seem to have any damping effect). It has a bit too much space in the diamond and a 1 1/2 inch downtube so it does require fabrication of a front mount. I've ridden it about 500 miles and everything is still straight although I broke all 9 trailing spokes on the left side within a few days. I was too paranoid when tightening the sprocket bolts and that allowed the sprocket to work the spokes to their death. The narrow handle bars make it hard to fit all the controls on and I think a more classic sweptback bar would allow an even more comfortable riding position. Since I set the bars as high as possible and the new Cloud9 seat as low possible, its very comfortable on up to 20 milers (that's the longest I've gone in one..ah..sitting).

It's a cheap bike but has a steel frame and I like its lines.



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Nice setup Mickey. I just got the same bike. It's being assembled at Walmart as we speak. I am putting a Skyhawk stage 2 kit with a 4 stroke honda clone engine on there. Hopefully I will have a post up here with pics soon.
nice lookin ride dude !!!
I am trying to decide between the skyliner and the jaguar (no suspension fork, 7speeds)
they both seem identical other than that
my mountain bike is starting to do my back in, I need a lower stance
I note that the bike has a 3 piece crank which I haven't had apart to see if its cup/cone or sealed bearings. If its the latter, an extended hanger like Grubee sends won't work. Does your kit come with a 3 piece crank?

I'm a bit disappointed with the 2 cycle I have on mine and am considering going to the 4 stroke kit like you're doing. Please keep us informed on your build so we can follow along.


I looked at the jaguar too. They both have the high steering stem that I like but I went with the Skyliner for that little bit of front suspension. Just to soak up the bumps from the pavement cracks. The commodity class bike I liked the most was the Schwinn Clearcreek but the diamond is just too small to squeeze my motor into. I even carried the motor to Target and did a test fitting. The salespeople were very nice and interested in the project. I'm pretty sure that I have the first motored bicycle in town and everywhere I go, heads turn. Its great.

Yea I will have to switch out the crank from the Gru Bee Kit with 3 piece setup. Luckily the vendor that I am buying from is doing the switch for no cost. There is another kit that is specifically made for the 3 piece square crank like the skyliner has but it has a mounting base that was not adjustable. If you're interested it's available at http://www.bikekitsdirect.com/4 stroke.htm. It seems to work very well with the skyliner frame. It is also cheaper than I have seen the Gru Bee skyhawk stage 2 kit. If you decide to try this vendor out, plz let me know what you think.
Mickey. Grab a handlebar from a BMX bike. If the diameter is too small for your gooseneck then get an aluminum can to shim it tight. Problem solved and the handlebar you can find anywhere maybe for free if you look right.
:cool:mickey, this is the bike i seriously considered for my twin-engine install. wife did not want to see another bike, but didn't mind me acquiring an old SCHWINN frame for $5.00.

the SKYLINER has qualities i desire:steel frame, dual brakes, suspension fork.