Micromotor generator set?



I did look into the Electric hub type motor assists and so on... and I found the limitations too limitation-like...

I just had a thought though.

since the batteries are the big problem why not get hold of one of the small petrol motors and turn that into a generator/alternator.

With some inginuity and electrical savvy (and an electric start on the motor) it should be possible to rig up a system that auto starts/shuts down the petrol engine when the voltages/amps on the battery drops or when the battery is full..

The idea being that in the majority of the time the system would run on battery - and therefore silent - and would have much longer range than either... and the bike would remain pedalable because you dont have 300lbs of batteries... plus a hot-shot bike like some I have seen would be effective high speed tourers with vastly improved range and rideability...

its just a thought... any comments?
Hmmm, i just might juice my hub.

:cool:on 4-26-07, member Grant provided excellent insight about installing an alternator ANNND modifying it to produce up to 100vdc. that piqued my interest, because i used to run a front hub motor on my cruiser bike. the fastest speed was 25mph, and range was 50+ miles using 72vdc. sadly, i shelved the project because i had to dismantle the 135lb bike and carry it up to the 2nd floor, whenever i used it. that, and recharging 80lbs of batteries.

with my twin engine project, i am aware that i should be able to remount the electric hub and a large alternator to recharge 3 small 12volt batteries. top speed might be just 15mph, but range would be infinite. the electric motor would just be used briefly when manuevering amongst pedestrians, or whenever the need arose for quiet power.

there is an additional 3" space on my jackshaft, which i intend to fabricate a pullstart mechanism. there is also room there to mount a pulley to run an alternator.

the serious load on a gas engine to recharge the batteries should not be a problem for me, since two engines will be twisting the jackshaft.

what i'll probably do is install the twin engines, work out the bugs, then consider installing the electric motor system.