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    I was somewhat amazed to stumble on the 2 cycle bike motor kits on ebay and bought one impulsively. Now I'm thinking of what Craigslist bike I want to build it on. Thinking I want something close to motorcycle albeit with anorexia. The rear sprocket setup in the kit doesn't look too reliable though. I'll be looking for what's out there in transmission modes. Could I use a "flip flop" type wheel that cyclist already use with a freewheel on one side and a "fixie" on the other side?

  2. butre

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    flip flop hubs tend to unscrew. you may be able to gall the hell out of the threads and monkey the sprocket on, but then you're left with the problem of finding a large enough sprocket. the best way is to either buy a manic mechanic hub adapter (which fits most coaster brake wheels), use a sickbikeparts jackshaft kit, or to use a sprocket that bolts onto a disc brake hub.

    the rear sprocket can be reliable if it's installed perfectly true with loctite and stover nuts, but that can easily be a thirty minute affair. all depends on how much your time is worth.
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    Forget the loctite, just use nylocks.
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    stover nuts are way better than nylocks
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    Cool, thanks for the learned advice. Seems this hobby has been around long enough and is wide enough that someone would be making what we all want and need - two sided hubs with rugged gearing and a variety of sprockets.