Mid-Mount Motor Ebike

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    The power is pretty weak (350 Watts) but the idea is good.

    I'm a big fan of running the power through the gears because it allows the motor to run better. (having gear choices is a good thing)

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    Reminds me of some of those downhill mountain bikes with frame mounted gear boxes.
    That configuration would reduce unspring weight (wheel weight) and provide livelier acceleration.
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    Imagine if they incorporated those gearboxes into this. You could then run a single sprocket on the rear wheel and get rid of the derailler entirely.

    Motor power.

    Enclosed Gearbox.

    ...for off road that would be ideal.

    However, this is pretty good too. I just wish that they upped the power to the 750 watt Federal Ebike Law limit. My "guess" is that they kept the power to 350 watts because that will satisfy the government because the law says you can't propel the bike faster than 20 mph on flat land. With gears and 750 watts you can easily beat that. In the end the 350 watts was probably a business decision so that it can be sold in the most places. Since it looks like it was created in Europe (where the law is restricted to 200 watts or less) the product probably wasn't designed to handle much power.
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    Real slick design. Lot of work into the gearbox/motor deal. Do you think the red bike is a full sus.? didn't see a spring on it.
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