Midlife Crisis? So be it. Rave, not rant.



When I moved to Alaska, I think some of my friends and relatives thought it was some kind of midlife crisis. I love it here, I love life here. If this is a midlife crisis, bring it on.
When I bought and installed a motor on my bike, I thought maybe it was some kind of midlife crisis. Hearing the skateboarders and BMXer's saying "That's Rad" when I ride by. The young lady who asked if I had a rear rack for her bike around the junkyard somewhere, when I told her I ride the motorized TREK, she said "I see you riding all over!" and gave me a knee melting smile (I gave her the rack).
If this is a midlife crisis, I wish I'd had it when I was 16.:D
Wait 'till I get the trikes running.
This afternoon, I let my boss ride it. When he got off it he said, "This ****er hauls ***!" And the silly smile spread across his face.
As Quay might say, "How cool is that?"
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That's pretty awesome. I love getting stopped by people and asked about my bike. I rode it to my Saturday morning men's group. My bike was the star of the show and nobody wrecked. It's a good feeling. I agree "How cool is that"
That's really cool alaskavan, gratitude can take us all the rest of the way if we let it.