Midwest Motorized Bicycle Cruise Saturday June 13th 2015


Local time
6:59 PM
May 12, 2008
Upper Missip****i River Valley
June 13th, 2015

The meet up address is
307 W Harrison St
London Mills, IL 61544
You can also contact me at three zero nine three three eight two six nine nine
or moore_ray807@msn.com

I am thinking it would be nice if we could have the meet and greet starting at 10am. If some show up a bit later or even a bit earlier that would be fine since we can shoot the bull for a few hours...have some lunch around 11:30am to 12:30pm and then head out for our 50 mile round trip ride after we eat.

I figure the ride should take around 3 hours or so round trip and maybe even a bit longer if we need to take a few extra stops along the way.

Depending on the direction you are coming from...the closest Motels to London Mills would be in one of the surrounding cities like Canton, Galesburg, Peoria or Macomb. Each one of these cities is 30 to 40 minutes from London Mills.

Please remember to bring your cameras. Would love to put together an epic video with lots of good photos and video footage of our Midwest ride.
Also be sure to get the word out to any other riders you think might be interested in participating. Lets give this hobby and our cruise some good representation. Be nice to see a variety of cool bikes to look over and it will also be nice to talk shop with other folks who enjoy building and riding motorized bikes.

The route we are cruising should be a real nice and relaxing cruise with very little traffic along the way. So almost anyone should feel comfortable doing the cruise so long as you have faith in your machine being able to handle 50 smooth miles. Going to be a great time and I hate to see anyone miss out who might be interested in participating.

If anyone uses google earth, GPS or one of the zoomed in weather maps I thought I would post the cruise route we will be taking.

We will ride north out of London Mills across the Spoon River on County Highway 39. (Our county highways are basically just low traffic blacktops) Turn Right at "T" onto Bridgeport Rd. Then a Left onto Knox RD 1000E. We will then make a Left turn onto Knox Rd 380N(This area is the highest point in Knox County and offers a nice view). We will then make a Right turn onto Knox Rd 900E. We will follow this until we come to Knox County Highway 20 going East. We will stay on Knox County Highway 20 until we reach the village of Maquon (There is a gas station here with restrooms/snacks and gas) At this point we are about 15 miles or so from our starting destination.

Once we have stretched our legs we will continue back to Knox County Hwy 20 going North and then East out of Maquon. We will continue on Knox County Highway 20 until we bear onto Knox Rd 650N. We will follow that east until we come to Knox Road 1800E. We will follow that North and then take a Left turn onto Knox County Highway 17. We will follow this west until we come to the Spoon River and the Wolf Covered Bridge that crosses it. At this point we will be around 25 miles from where we started. After some photos, stretching and gabbing we can either venture back the way we came or we can venture forward and take a new route back to our starting point.

Should be a real enjoyable ride so long as the weather cooperates. The route we are taking is all quiet blacktop and we should see minimal traffic along the way.


I’ve posted the above for the behalf of the event organizer. I will be attending the ride myself and will check back here daily to hopefully answer any questions that you might have.

Come join us, should be a blast! :)