MIG Purchase...great buy....gloat

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  1. mlcorson

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    I was able to purchase a 110 volt Craftsman MIG with bottle for $75! The bottle alone would have been $75 at my local welding supply. $20 fill.
    The gun is a Tweco mini. Welds great up to about 3/8" steel. I have a TIG, gas and stick welder, but I never could find a MIG that was reasonably priced. This unit is great for an occasional spot weld and tacking, etc. Although the 110v has some limitations, it would work great for bike frame welding and thinner metal. I'm still pinching myself. Atomic Zombie plans...here I come.

  2. GearNut

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    Congratulations on a good find!
    I have 2 crackerboxes and an Astro gas only MIG. The MIG is sooo much nicer!
    I hope some year to learn TIG, but cringe at the price of a good TIG machine.