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    I have a Mikey Bikey engine mount for a Tecumseh 3.5hp engine - it might work for a Briggs and Stratton. Mikey Bikey made and sold custom motorized bikes that were belt driven. They no longer sell bikes or parts. However, the do sell old motorized bikes and scooters.

    This part weighs 8 pounds and is CNC machined aluminum with a steel mounting plate. Originally, this mount sold for over $200 and was on sale for $169 before they closed shop. Here's an archived link to their engine mount product page: http://web.archive.org/web/20040328074958/http://mikeybike.com/

    If your a fabricator, this could be a product for a 79cc or 99cc Predator by changing the engine plate. A jackshaft could be fabricated to mount onto the rear mount.

    I am asking $150 plus shipping to your address. PM me for a shipping price and I'll check with the USPS. I prefer PayPal for payment.

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    Here's a picture of one of their old bikes that they currently have for sale:

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    O.K., I am going to bump up this post. I am hoping someone would want to be a small fabricator with a low investment would be willing to purchase this item as a prototype for a Predator 79cc engine. This mount can be made with simple power tools and with dimensioned 6061 aluminum flat bar and plate from Ebay or your local metal supplier. I estimated that it could be fabricated for around $40 in material costs.

    This mount can be manufactured with an adjustable plunge router and a portable bandsaw or chopsaw. A simple jig can be fabricated to either secure the router or the materials. I don't have the time or the inclination to build and sell a mount of this quality.

    Here's a couple YouTube videos showing how the route slots for the mount and the use of a router table to round off the edges:

    Here's a picture of the mount, closeup:


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    Now listed on Ebay for $145.00 plus shipping to your address.

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