Mikuni carb 2 replace stock one.

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  1. 2slo4popo

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    Hey everyone, in regards to post by HeadSmess,I'd appreciate any info on what model/year of the Mikuni he installed and how it performs? Has anyone else tried motorcycle/dirtbike carbs on HT engines?

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc, 2slo. Be sure to read all of the 'stickies' at the top of each Forum...they contain valuable info as well as the rules of the road around here. Regarding the Mikuni carb, why don't you ask the author or do a search on Mikuni Carbs...there can not be a lot of threads or posts on them. We have an excellent search function. Access it from the blue bar at the top of the page.
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    Pulled from another site.

    In case anyone else is considering the Mikuni VM16 here is a tuning PDF from Mikuni. 20 pages explaining how their carbs work and how to adjust it throughout the entire throttle opening range.

  4. jaguar

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    14mm is ideal for this engine. Larger is better for high revs, worse for low rev power.
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    T-you 4 response Jaguar.
  6. 2slo4popo

    2slo4popo New Member

    T-you 4 response Jaguar.
  7. jaguar

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    I havent had a Mikuni since I sold my RM125. I have a Dellorto 12mm on my Grubee with a small reed valve that limits the intake even more, unfortunately. But by all calculations 14mm is the perfect size carb for the 48cc engine regardless of carb brand.