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    I just found this site and i'm stoked.. turning a bike into a motor bike, its awsome! i'm new on here and saw a few threads about mikuni cards so i got one. it came with this extra air hose. does anyone elses have that set up? mine is an 18mm. i'm trying to kit a stingray chopper bike

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    Welcome to MBc. I put an 18mm Mikuni carb on the Lifan on my trike. I'm not sure about your question, but I believe the extra hose is an overflow.
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    Be warned - you will have to run the Mikuni carb richer than the standard one - its already munched one engine that I know of because of lean running at high power... although before the engine detonated the person indicated good results.

    Jemma xx
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    what do i do with the hose? there is no place for it on the engine am i just supposed to plug it?

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  5. That is just an overflow hose, you just let it hang down below carb. That looks like the carb I am running on my 48cc. The jets are inside. I am running a 85 main and a 25 pilot jet, a 2.0 slide (that number is stamped on the underside of the silide) and the jet needle set on the second from the top slot. I also have ported the intake and exhaust ports to match manifolds, and am running a pocketbike expansion chamber. I am in Florida at sea level. I would think this would be a good starting point depending on where you live, just keep and eye on you plug as you start adjusting the mix...

    Here is an exploded view that will help you with assembly and disassemly...

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    Jemma what do you mean by run rich? still a newbie can you explain how to make this right or what to do?
  7. I believe she is saying that because of the increased airflow with the 18mm carb you need more fuel. That is why the jet is so much larger than stock. As I suggested, hopefully you are going to get the new engine up and running with the stock carb before making any mods, so you have a baseline to work from, and to be sure the engine works and is broken in properly. Good Luck Mike, Keep us posted....
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    Hey man do know if I install the mikuni the pink hose will do anything idk wat it for