Mikuni Carburetors (mad video)

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    Has anyone seen this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onioqw0w38Y) before?

    Does any one no this person(s) who are in the video as I would like to find out some information of exactly what mods have been done to get this performance.

    It says he has a mikuni carby on it but which one. I went on show and go Motorcycles web site (http://www.showandgo.com.au/mikuni/mikuni.htm?mikuni_bf.htm~mainFrame)
    and they are so many different ones. Which one does the guy in the video run?

    I am in the process of putting a tuned pipe on my bike. I have ridden my mates bikes who have tuned pipe on there bike and have notice that both there bike are staved of fuel (mainly on the top end)and I think more power could be extracted from extra fuel flow. So I wanted to put a better carby on my bike when the tuned pipe is installed.

    Also what gearing do you think this guy is running?


  2. I sent him a message. I have put a 18mm mikuni on my bike, along with a pocketbike chamber, and am trying to get the jetting right... I will keep you posted.......
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    Is your 18mm mikuni carby the round sided or flat sided?

    Do u think a bigger 20mm or smaller 16mm is needed or is 18mm the right one for the job?
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    Does this guy have a user name on this forum?
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    Is your engine a 49cc or 66cc?
  6. I did not see a name on the video site there was a link to send him a message and I did.....

    I have a 48cc.....

    I have a 18mm Mikuni round slide. I believe 18mm is the max. A 16mm might be less tuning as I had to change pilot jets and mains....
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  8. Im sorry I am not familiar with that carb, must be new. It doesnt look like any Mikuni I have ever seen. I got mine off ebay, listed as carb for 1970's 80cc Yamaha dirt bike, I think it was a GT80. It has the same type of clamp that the stock carby has so I did not have to modify the carb or manifold....

    This looks like the carb I purchased..................Note the mounting flange.........
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  11. I recieved a reply back from the guy in the video zboxfreak7.

    Re: Mikuni

    The mikuni carb on our bike is a 16 mm and is necked to a standard manifold of 16 mm internal diameter. Main jet is a 90. Pilot jet is a 15. Slide cutaway is a 2. I think.
    We are running a 48cc Zbox motor. Port area & timing has been modified also. Exhaust is standard.

    What kind of bike & motor are you running?
    If possible send a photo!

    I sent him the MBc Link...........
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    Cool , every member send him a photo of their bike :shock:
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    Thanks for that update on the Mikuni carb misteright1_99. If I end up getting a Mikuni carby I think it will be the 16mm as it will be easier to tune.