millspec beach cruiser.

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  1. smokin_marlboros

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    I have just got it running all smooth.
    What i have done to it as it sits now is.
    Added a 18mm straight pipe exhaust.
    Home made air box and filter.
    Carby tune.

    The exhaust has added a little more torque and has the cracking sound that dirt bikes have. I'll be looking into an expansion chamber soon.

    The air box is made from an old brake fluid bottle with some oiled fome inside.

    The carb by I did my best.
    The main Jett is set to the richest setting and I hand filed the dry side of the carb to let more air through.

    Thats it let me kno if you have ideas for me.
    My plan is to paint it army green and make it look like a 1944 military motorbike.

  2. smokin_marlboros

    smokin_marlboros New Member

    I took down the head and cylinder. I'll pressure test it tomorrow. Put in a NGK spark plug.
  3. smokin_marlboros

    smokin_marlboros New Member

    Gave my frame a can of paint today.
    Going to a custom bike shop to buy some fenders and a pack rack
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    Personally, I probably would have disassembled the bike prior to painting, and maybe even sent the disassembled parts off for powdercoating for a really professional look, but hey, it's whatever gets you through the night. Have fun with it! Nice color BTW.
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  5. smokin_marlboros

    smokin_marlboros New Member

    All back together
    Tho my carby is leaking.
    It was from the gasket I fixed that now the float valve is not closing...
    Time for a mikuni.