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    I just bought a fully built bike from custommotoredbicycles in Greendale.

    I'm not sure but I think it has a "China Girl" or "Happy Time" -type of engine. It's a two-stroke with a 20:1 oil mix. I

    I use it to commute to work most days (about 5 miles each way). It replaces a V8 Turbo 4x4 pickup that I used to drive. Interestingly, my commute is only 5 minutes longer!~ Most people, police included, just look at me like another bike. Or they stop and stare and ask questions. I average two gawkers per trip, so it comes out to a ratio of Gawker/Milage 2.5 to 1 !

    My biggest challenges so far have been avoiding a bus, who wanted to wear the bike as a wheel spinner. (note to self, avoid drivers who drive high seat vehicles, they may not see well).

    Also, the plain touring seat was replaced by a nice springer seat, so my tuchus isn't numb when I get home. I've been debating getting a springer front fork too.

    So that's it, hello everyone! Happy Riding!

    John H.

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    Welcome BayViewGasBiker,
    Do watch out for the buses! And the trucks! and the soccer moms! Some days it seems they are all out to get ya. I'm glad to live in a rural area without much traffic. I have ridden big motorcycles for many years and now I ride a MB about as much as the big bike. They are all a blast! Do post a photo when you can. We like to see everyone's bikes.

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    Hey BayViewGasBiker! I got my motor kit from Lynn but did most of the work myself-- she bent my muffler pipe so it would fit right, helped me with the drive chain, and did some other stuff when mine was close to done.

    I'm also in the B to the View-- I finally got it running a couple days ago, so I was making a repeated "break in" circuit down KK, over on Oklahoma, and then back up Howell. I didn't have anyone stop to chat me up, but had a couple "Awesome!"s as I passed.

    My commute is going to be from here out to Brookfield... riding the bike won't be nearly as fast as driving, but it's going to be less than half of what my bus ride is!

    Hope I'll see you around soon!
  4. BayViewGasBiker

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    Hey RBX!
    Longer commute than I have! Your break in ride goes right past my house. Let me know when and I'll stop you and talk.
    Commute savings? My bike has already saved $180 over 2 months.

    Installed the engine? You're a better wrench than I, McGee. what frame did you put it on?

    John H. (BayviewGasBiker)
  5. BayViewGasBiker

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    Yeah! I've muttered "hang up and drive" a few times under my breath. I'm putting together a list of things to do to avoid getting hit.

    I posted a pic as my avatar picture. The bike is actually flat black, same color as the engine.

  6. RedBaronX

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    the chain was a b***ch which turned out to be a two person job anyway. I had dry-fit a lot of the rest of it... I was thrown off by a bag of random hardware that I thought was the throttle but wasn't...

    balancing the drive sprocket was a headache until I realized that it was spinning true when I was pedaling the bike but "wobbling" when I would spin it by hand because the hub has some play to it).

    Now that I've done some break-in riding, I've got stuff to re-tighten and adjust. That's how I'm spending my Monday

    the bike is a Greenline... looking at your profile pic, I think you have the Micargi brand version of the same frame