Minarelli Hybrid Tuning

I can go to my house and get anything i need its not a long ride only a mile, but what would cause that? I can try to get a video, I get out of school in 4 hours but it is going to be downpouring, What could cause this? Running perfect with choke. Odd. Even though it didnt happen yesteryday I still think it might be the needle. that would make sense on why it pulls just as normal in almost full
Cloudy days can run into downpours.
My friends on his way, we put brand new longer bolts with red threadlock in the adapter thingy, and he's gonna bring me my jet kit back. My anti chain lock looks like it feel loose due to vibration, I know it's still in there but now it probably got rubbed on a little. How did you guys get past this and what size bolts/nuts does it take so I can get some from the hardware? Thanks a bunch!
Okay!! I went for so many rides today, first 80 degree day in Michigan since the start of the year. Sure tommorow it'll be back to the 40's and if I'm lucky 50's but that was amazing! The pwk was doing alright after some adjustments, but I figured I would try a different carb. Me and my friend are gonna put the pwk on the phantom85, see if it changes anything. I have all the jets in the world for that carb.

In other news, we got the pz22 on there. I didn't have enough time to test it cause my mom said I gotta be home before dark so I'm up right now at 5am to test it at 6, hopefully my neighbors don't hate me for it!

My jets for the carb come in today after school but I'm gonna take the ride to school on it untuned.

I haven't started it yet, but as long as it's four stroking that's enough for me to say it's not too lean. It's only a mile there and a mile back, so I'll be a ok!

I have new brakes on the way so I'll be able to stop in seconds and today after school my 36t sprocket comes in. Later on, I will order a 40t or a 38t (preferably 40) from eBay, but this will do for now.

After school im gonna replace the U bolt for a CDH CNC mount so I can actually rip on the bike and not baby feather the throttle, and put the sprocket on. I'll re align the chain and make sure everything is all looking good, and then it's time to start getting the pz22 nice and perfectly tuned. My smallest jet in that kit is an 82, and I'm 992 feet above sea level. I was talking to the motorized bike YouTuber La Hover and he said at my elevation the stock jet in the pz22 should be alright. If it's a little lean I'll put choke on a little it's just got to get me to school and back at 15-20 mph it's not like I'm racing yet.

I also plan to try to fit my "fat" tires onto my wheels. It's not as fat as per say a mongoose dolomite but it's 26x3. The sole purpose would be better grip and a lot less worry on turns. It would also make me feel a whole lot safer. If I'm lucky these will slide right onto my rims and I won't even have to worry about them hitting the forks front and rear. Just will have to squish em to get em past the brakes.

My friend got his bike running good, I gave him my mag wheel cause his wheel got destroyed, not the spokes but the hub, don't ask me how. He has my phantom85 and we did a full throttle run, with a 36t sprocket and stock exhaust it went 43mph! It was so insane, I was riding his moped. I gotta say, he has a real nice 4 stroke moped. I do like 2 strokes better, but it's nice to just start it with a key, ajust the handlebars and go. It's a 4 stroke 49cc but it goes 43mph, for how heavy the dang thing is that's pretty good I'd say. It also looks like a pit bike! Once I get my action camera set up I'm gonna get some riding videos for y'all.

And once I take my engine off, I might take everything off and sand the bike then paint it black. I think that'd look sick, it'd also cover up all the old scuffs and It'd give me a chance to clean the rust and give the frame a DEEP inspection for anything that would make it unsafe to ride, the slightest crack and I'm off that bike. I've been looking everyday before I ride, but it might be hidden, after all it was a free dumpster bike that I restored while knowing barley anything about bikes. Probably why the peddles shake a little, lol. I'll keep y'all updated and thanks for all the help, prepare for some awesome photos!

(I know there is no front breaks in this photo, my friend didn't have any so I gave him mine I can ride for one day at 15mph and my brakes come in tommorow so I'll be a ok. I'm not stupid enough to go faster than 20mph with only one working break set.)


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Quick update while tuning the pz. Low throttle and anything above 3/4ths is fine. At arround 1/2 it bogs a little. Is this the air fuel screw or is this the needle clip? I have it four stroking a little bit to keep it rich. I don't want to seize my engine.
Quick update while tuning the pz. Low throttle and anything above 3/4ths is fine. At arround 1/2 it bogs a little. Is this the air fuel screw or is this the needle clip? I have it four stroking a little bit to keep it rich. I don't want to seize my engine.
Needle clip... Go down one give her a little more if it's boging


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What should I do to make my bike ready for a minarelli? It's a steel cdh frame with a welded mount. Anything I can do to reinforce the frame?
Should be good to go... if anything be careful of the front mount as they're known to break. I have a zeda frame and I ended up cutting my mount off frame and got a CNC mount to replace it and have had no issues. And yes mines a Minarelli also.