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Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by KeyWest, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. KeyWest

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    This is the third engine that has found it's home on this frame, from a 49cc to a79cc and now for the grand finale.

    The 6.5 H.F. engine check out the new pics, this thing cruises just off of idle at 20mph and I dont know if I should say what I have had it up to lets just say fast very fast.

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  2. macarollo

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    I really like your pusher.

    Don't stop at 196cc though... you need to try the 13hp 386cc engine from HF!
  3. BikeMan

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    KeyWest,love your mini bike pusher.How talented you are Man! Hey can you post it here or send me the link to the gear ratio page you posted? Thanks.
  4. KeyWest

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    Here you go BikeMan, thanks for your nice comments it is a blast,lots of fun to ride.I was running the tire presure low and got on the power the other day and spun the tire and chopped off the valve stem bummer time to go and get a innertube.
  5. Nuttsy

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    A couple of questions, if I may...
    The final drive ratio is a little over 3:1! and it moves off the line? WOW!
    How does that little shock work out for you? Is there enough bounce/action in it? And, how is it hooked to the bike?
    Hope you have GREAT brakes!
  6. KeyWest

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    Nuttsy,the shock works well this trailers weight is about sixty pounds it's heavy but that 6.5 H.P. greyhound has no problem getting the job done. Stopping is no prob the trailer drive wheel has a drum break. you can see the pictures of how i hooked the trailer to the bike here, post # 10 thanks for looking.
  7. Rgvkid

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    Hey key, looks like you've been having fun with the trailers. Hopefully i can meet up with you when i get mine going and we can cruise PCH. Are you running both trailers with 6.5hp? Do you have a 2.5hp also?

    I have both engines but im thinking of making the trailer for the 2.5 degoved. What spring rate is the shock? Do you feel a big difference between the trailer with and without shock?