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    I want to build a mini-bike, i already have a motorized bicycle but it is made for the road, and i want something to mess around on in the fields,and dirt tracks around my home. If any one has ANY advice about which kits and motors are the best for this kind of thing please enlighten me..


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    there is a guy on ebay that sells a blank frame and the parts to go with it. I think he fabs them himself because it came unpainted... with a touch of slag still on the welds. Be prepared for a little prep work and assembly although you can get it powder coated as an upgrade if you dont like to paint. Great frame and a good guy... I am totally satisfied and it came from socal so its American made. I would suggest getting the bigger seat upgrade and knobby balloon tires.

    name was baddaug here is a current link... he can supply you with a clutch and chain as well.

    put a honda gx200 or equivalent American made motor on it. The harbor freight motor is garbage.... you get what you pay for.

    here is a picture of my bike.... I love it. I know its totally illegal, but sometimes I cant resist and bust it out for a ride around the block. The torque always puts a smile on my face and the engines are widely used in go kart racing... so there is a huge aftermarket support if you want more performance from the motor.

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    Very very nice mini vtec.

    Jim... There are many many options.
    The doodle bug from sears or tractor supply $299.00 Others $2200.00 from scratch.
    vtec's supplier he mentioned does have top notch frames. My son in law bought one for my grandson 2 years ago.
    (smaller tires than vtec's) I was impressed with the frame for the price.

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