mini chopper gearing

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    New to this forum and from what I have read I am in the right spot.
    Working on building a mini chopper with the following specs to date:
    11 hp engine with 1" crank
    14 tooth size 40 centrifugal clutch
    14 tooth input gear on jackshaft
    12 tooth output gear on jackshaft
    60 tooth rear wheel sprocket
    16 inch diameter rear wheel

    There is so much information regarding gear ratios, clutch vs torque converters and jack shaft gearing I am a little confused. I know the 12 to 60 relationship provides a 5:1 ratio, however unsure of the effect of the step down on the jackshaft from 14 to 12. Does this seem like a reasonable combination. My goals are a decent low end so as to not damage the clutch but good take off, and say 30 mph top end.
    Please let me know what you think.