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    You're right. It would be nicely matched pair.

    And she is one smart woman. With a wife and three kids, I couldn't do it.

    But I envy her.
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    I know what you mean bluegoatwoods ... "ties that bind" ... I have mine too ... but that's OK and it's always fun to dream a little.

    BTW, how's the basement bike project coming? My cabin fever was easing up a bit then the weatherman just told us we've got bigtime cold coming in ... rats.
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    I can't help but notice they said she paid $10k to build the place. For a little less than that she could have had a single bedroom trailer house, about 500 sq feet. Yes i know she's trying to show she can live in a little place, but geez, $10,000? I know a guy who bought a house sitting on an acre of land for $11k!

  5. Mountainman

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    the grass just seems to look greener at times

    yes "ties that bind"
    we have a home major project that's been ongoing for months now
    and yes the grass looks greener over there right now
    a little place with next to no upkeep
    sounds so good
    but then
    would I notice
    other better looking grass on yet another side

    little motor bike don't you tease me
    a little ride on that THING will surely please me

    ride that THING
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    Good point, tinker; 11 grand is a bit too much for that. If I were to build one, it would come in at less. Unless she's got something really special in there that we didn't see.

    As far as my bike is concerned, Mike, she's outta the basement. I just couldn't stand not riding. I took the front cargo carrier from my pedal bike and put it on the MB. Did a bit of other upgrading and adjusting and took her out. Made one ride in 16 deg F weather. Another at about 30 deg. We're about to go into a big deep freeze here. I've got to finish up my work week at my regular job and then Thurs I have to go visit a customer (my other business). So there won't be any riding for me for about a week or so. but soon I'm gonna be MB commuting again. I have a studded tire partly made. And then I'll just make sure that everything's adjusted properly, the usual.

    Now I've just gotta figure out some times that I can get the bike back down in the basement to make some other mods I've got in mind.

    Since I'm at it, I'll throw this out again. A high-mounted front cargo rack is an excellent winter accessory. You carry a good sized duffel bag filled with, in my case, various winter gear. It makes an excellent wind-break. Almost as good as a fairing.
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    I remember back to the childhood days going to the appliance store for large cardboard boxes. Made several modular beauties even dragged a television in one for a while. I could have cut the cost on that beauty by 10 fold and have parking for a MB. Ive told my wife several times I could sleep in a cardboard box if I had to, and mean every word of it.
  8. Mountainman

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    better to have TWO things to ride

    be sure to remind your wife

    that would be a cardboard box built for two sweet THING

    we wish to promote the thought of long lasting marriages here on site

    it's always better to have TWO things to ride if you know what we mean
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    I hear you Mountainman ...

    Hope the project is going well. And hope it doesn't include any wallpapering. :ack2: My opinion is it's easier to move than to do wallpaper!
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    I agree with you and tinker ... $10,000 is too much for this little house. A guy that can swing his own hammer & saw should be able to save a good deal ... especially if it's built on a simple foundation and not a 4-wheel trailer.

    A bike ride in 16-degree weather ... Man, that MUST be fun! :stunned:
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    Being in construction I liked this gal when I heard she built it herself. Whats confusing to me is her cost of
    construction when the materials were recycled/reused. I checked on her trailer and it looks to be $2750.00

    If the average person went to home depot and bought materials to built her home, I estimate it to be $2800.
    plus trailer...$5550.

    31 years ago the wife and I got hitched. Now we have 15 people sitting around the table at the holidays.
    I have to laugh when I visulize all of us packed around her table. LOL, kids/spouses/grandkids where the "H" did all
    of these people come from I ask myself?

    Now that im at the age when the wife and I are finally getting our lives back it would be a gas to give her house
    a try for a while and live a simpler life. My hats off to her. (Thanks for the link Mike.)
  12. mikem

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    Looks like we're all agreed that she paid too much for the neat little home. I didn't run the calculator but I was thinking at the way lumber prices, etc. keep going up she might actually hit something like $7,500 but your figure may well be closer.

    Now here's a real eye-opener ...if you check out the related links on YouTube I believe you'll see what looks like the same house going for $45,000. If I can find it again I'll post the link.

    Man, $45,000 ... that takes all the fun out of downsizing!
  13. bluegoatwoods

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    It's something like a $1500.00 bicycle. Probably nice stuff. But there's no way I'd put that much into it.
  14. mikem

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    Mini-House ... Mega Bucks!

    I agree bgw ...

    But wait ... there's more ... I found the link to similar houses.

    They look about the same but there MUST be some hidden extras somewhere?!
    Build it yourself is $20,000 ... Built is $42,000
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  15. bluegoatwoods

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    It's an interesting site. And they are cute little houses. I could see myself out in the woods communing with nature, living in one of those.

    But 20,000 for the kit seems a bit high. The vendor might only sell on in a blue moon.
    And so he needs to have a fairly fat margin to make this work for him. That's understandable. But even if you cut it in half, that still seems high.
  16. machiasmort

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    If you had no permanent address how would you keep a truck and the trailer registered??? Just a thought?
  17. Mountainman

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    that can be a problem alright machiasmort

    yes - everyone seems to need an address these days
    full time motor homers -- got to have that stuff sent some where
    hard to truly get away from the system -- isn't it ?

    That little, little house is pretty cute
    but out here where we live -- due to the Calif Cedar wildfire of 2003
    many homes were burnt down -- I lost one
    a lot of homes were replaced with mobil homes
    I am not in love with those THINGS but must say for the price not bad

    There is a really nice little one that I have seen around -- 399 sq ft
    I think the 399 keeps it just below the 400 which brings in more laws
    I think the price on that one was about 34 to 40 thousand

    Yes -- if -- it was just me and my motor bike -- I could do it
    but let's face it -- most wife's would not be trilled

    ride that THING
  18. mikem

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    PO Box

    I'm not sure on this but I believe a post office box might do it.?
  19. mikem

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    I agree again ... there's got to be a cheaper way to build one of these ... much cheaper. Otherwise, as Mountainman pointed out, trailers can be a good buy ... especially when you start getting into "serious" money.
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  20. bluegoatwoods

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    "most wives would not be thrilled"-Mountainman

    You're absolutely right about that. Why, If I tried to put my wife and I in one of those I'd be even more worried about my survival than I am now.