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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Barry, Apr 30, 2013.

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    A few months ago, a freind asked me to put something together for him to tear around some property he has in central Texas. I went to the drawing board and came up with a tricked out motorized trike.
    I took a chrome BMX/Mongoose frame, added a trike conversion kit, and bought a new Honda GC-160 for it.
    As it turns out, what he REALLY wants is one of those 1/5scale Ford Modle T's like the Shriners use in parades.
    I've poked around the web for a kit or some plans but, have had no luck.
    Anyone out there know where to go?
    P.S. All the crap I bought for the trike build is on the Corpus Christi Craig's list.

  2. grinningremlin

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    Check a flick called "Bugsy Malone".It has some beautiful pedal cars, and a few small shots of the inner workings, somebody built them.May give you some ideas/scale; one of those motorized would be so cool.
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    You could start with one of these, Like the Golf Coaster, And then start working on the body. A model T body is mostly straight lines so you might be able to make it out of a couple sheets of acrylic,
    Big Red.
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    You nailed it Big Red! PVC Pipe, the lightbulb in my brain housing is burning bright!
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    Readers of popular mechanics often post plans of their projects. You may be able to get some plans on their website.