Mini-moto 5:1 gearbox / clutch drum ebay

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Dankoozy, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Most of these 5-1 gearboxes are good, the thing to remember is that they reverse the rotation. Engine turns counter clockwise so after going thru the gearbox output will be clockwise. What kind of mounting are you trying for?
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    Was hoping to do axle mount, or not too far from the axle. That sprocket thats on the gear box is far too big but he sells an 11 tooth as well, was just messing with the ratio calc programme so was going to use the 11 and 43 tooth sprockets
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    There are two universal sizes, distinguished by the distances between the four bolts and clutch bell size. Email the vendor and see if he can provide that info.
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    I don't know where peak power band is for GX31 so can't help you on the gear ratio. But think you're on the right track for axle mount drive, plenty of sprockets to work with in 8mm size.
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    I don't need to ask a vendor as I have a Honda GX 31 and a 5 to 1 gearbox.

    The 5 to 1 gearbox is only made in the most common 76 mm size
    which is the same as a GX 31 or larger motors like GX 35, R/S 35 cc.

    The Honda GX 25 and R/S 25 cc are 54 mm and none of the gearboxes
    are made for them. They will work with Staton friction drives and GEBE.