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    I found this hilarious guy on youtube and I scratch my head and thought:
    Why not just use mini moto rear end with engine and make similar thing like his pusher? I thought about before but I loose that idea because I thought that will not take corners and wet surfaces - but looks like that guy handle that somehow. So maybe buy $100 mini moto/cross, cut bars and forks, screw long pipe and attach it to seat tube and ride, right?

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    My 6.5hp pusher I built could easily handle wet pavement, sand, grassy hills, and such as long as you were easy on the throttle...

    My pusher trailer worked perfectly in my opinion, but comparing her to my 66cc Schwinn Searcher I built, they both have thier pros and cons.

    The biggest advantage I have found to a pusher trailer is the noise of the engine is behind you, and the bike does not vibrate at all while you are riding.
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    Let's say I would take|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14and put 2 long bend to size pipes in place of fork pipes That would be horizontal axis. Those 2 pipes would connect i one place near seat and put on kind of bracket up - down (vertical axis).

    To cover minimoto - 2 big bags on sides and black painted everything.
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    The thing is what's happened when you accelerate on something wet or on corner? Is that he ll thing will not try to push you by side ( L letter situation)? Is 3rd well not start burn rubber on ride uphill? etc, etc.
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    By no means am I an engineer or master fabricator by any stretch....

    Rule #1 is to always make or design something as smiple as possible. Things always seem to work out better this way for me. I have seen all kinds of one wheeled pushers on youtube, but I took the approach of using what I had on hand to make this thing. I thought two wheels would be way better balance for the heavy engine.

    Traction is something you control, if you goose it hard, of course the wheels will break loose. I have used the pusher in the rain and I will tell you the weaight of it, and the balance of it keeps it firmly planted to the ground with careful acceleration.

    Just my thoughts here..... if I was to win that item on the Ebay auction, I would most likely strip it down and make a pusher out of it as simple as possible. Take the front end off and weld or bolt a tube to it and use it that way.....whatever is easiest for you.

    But above all...... BE SAFE!
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    Like you said - easy and simple:

    1.strip everything down - remove everything unneeded - light it extremely.
    2.bend fork pipes in centre or 3/4 by 60-90 degree place front wheel screw another 2 pipes or brackets - v-axis
    4. attach those pipes to bike by 4 places - under seat tube (big block aluminum) & tubes behind them (brackets).

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