Mini Trailer Motorized Bike Pusher

It looks great, and is obviously quick... I can see a couple of problems...

What happens when you get into a tank-slapper because some mindless idiot hit the ABS in front of you....?

There is a good chance in that situation that the engine unit - because its jointed to the back of the bike - will do a similar thing to a escaped truck trailer and end up in the last place you want it... the last thing you want is a bike with you on it doing a ground loop with you underneath it..

The second thing that worries me is the controls - namely what happens if something goes wrong and the machine runs away on you - how do you kill the motor? because if you are running WOT and something breaks you wont be able to jump off safely...

Good luck with it and apart from those points I like the idea - its a good example of lateral thinking :)

Jemma xx
GEEEEEZ!!!! MotherJemma,That was a HUGE turn-off,so much so that I have to get off this site for today. What if, what if , what if ,,,,,,what if the sky fell.......