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    Which of the 2-stroke engines is the least offending at leaving an exhaust smoke trail, if one doesn't want to catch the eye of "The Filth" (UK term = "Pigs" in the USA!).

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    The amount of smoke produced by a 2 stroke is most dependent on the fuel to oil ratio and the type of oil. If you run 20:1 you will product more smoke than at 40:1. A low grade 2 stroke oil will tend to produce more smoke than a high quality synthetic 2 stroke oil.
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    Mitsubishi TLE33/43s run a 50:1 mix & burn very cleanly. Even without catalytic converters, they're certified to meet CARB emission standards.
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    I am running a 32:1 mix of Caster and Marvel Mystery Oil in my 68.5cc HT with a catalytic muffler and have absolutely no visible smoke unless I sit at idle for more than 2 min or more but as soon as I lay into the throttle again it's gone.